My Golf Practice Journey, Part 2

Trying to improve in the game of golf with a bunch of inconsistent golf swing tips can be really difficult as
I discovered throughout my golf journey to improvement.

I was getting regular coaching and practicing all facets of the game of golf as many as twenty hours per

My aim was to get my golf handicap as low as possible so I could explore other options in the golf industry for
potential further employment and career opportunities.

In Part One I played a total of 60 golf rounds and halved my handicap in just under a year.

I was mainly working on my golf swing with a coach and was gradually getting better. Looking back at it now I really think that the only reason I improved my game so fast was that of having a better work ethic than most, which I prided myself on.

I would practice, practice and practice which would later turn to affect me with a constant back injury that would put
a stop to all the consistent golfing.

Looking back at it all now I could have really improved faster and not gotten injured if I had followed the golf swing
tips of a certain online golf program which I believe is the simplest way to improve in the game of golf.

Here are the statistics for my next year of golfing in which I took a total of eleven more golf lessons and would
practice for at least 10 hours per week. 

Golf Practice JourneySTATS

Games 61 to 80

May 27 2004 to January 3 2005

Starting Handicap 8.2

Ending Handicap 8.5

Strokes Average 83.6

Putts Per Round 32.3

Fairways Per Round 7.05

Greens in Regulation 6.6

Games 81 to 100

January 11 2005 to March 17 2005

Starting Handicap 8.5

Ending Handicap 8.5

Strokes Average 81.85

Putts Per Round 29.7

Fairways Per Round 6.7

Greens in Regulation 6.15

Games 101 to 120

March 3 2005 to May 17 2005

Starting Handicap 8.5

Ending Handicap 6.0

Strokes Average 80.25

Putts Per Round 29.15

Fairways Per Round 6.05

Greens in Regulation 5.9

Second Year Summary

Total Games 60

Starting Handicap 8.2

Ending Handicap 6.0

Strokes Average 81.9

Putts Per Round 30.4

Fairways Per Round 6.6

Greens in Regulation 6.2

Still being fairly new to competitive golf I knew my scores were improving but my ball striking was only improving
slowly. I was getting lessons and trying as many golf swing tips as I could, but given the amount of time I was practicing I was not improving as fast as I could have been.

I was pretty happy with the instruction that I was getting back at the time, but I still do think that if the following
training was around when I was pursuing this I would have improved a lot more and not ended up with a bad back that put me out the game for five years.

A lot of the Golf Swing Tips that are given to golfers these days are inconsistent and can be subjective. What works for some might not work for others. I have discovered that learning how to hit the ball in a synchronized way with your body is the quickest way to improve with the correct coaching.

If you want to learn a bit more about the online training program that will teach golfers of all ability
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