My Golf Practice Journey, Part 4

After a few years of trying to improve in the game of golf with regular coaching and Golf Swing Tips the fourth year, I managed to play a total of 98 rounds of golf.

I had a few good scores, but my averages were really not getting any better. I did have a day out during this time and managed to shoot a 68 in a golf comp in February 2007.

Golfers at my local club were thinking that I may be starting to finally mature as a golfer because of this score. Club Members would always see me practice. I never did back up this round and have not broken 70 since.

My Ball Striking never really did improve as you can see from my greens and fairway statistics. All of the coaching I was getting was really only confusing me and holding me back from my golfing potential.

During this final year, I took a further 12 golf lessons and was practicing up to twenty hours per week. I wanted to improve, but never got lower than a handicap of 3.6

Here are the statistics for the fourth year of my golf practice journey before a long-term back injury which would keep me away from playing golf for almost 5 years.


Golf Practice JourneyFourth Year


Games 201 to 220

June 22, 2006, to October 22, 2006

Starting Handicap 4.8

Ending Handicap 5.5

Strokes Average 79.65

Putts Per Round 30.4

Fairways Per Round 6.1

Greens in Regulation 7.55

Games 221 to 240

October 26, 2006, to January 4, 2007

Starting Handicap 5.6

Ending Handicap 4.0

Strokes Average 78.1

Putts Per Round 29.45

Fairways Per Round 5.7

Greens in Regulation 7.85

Scrambling 53%

Sand Saves 32%

Putts Per Green in Reg 1.83

Games 241 to 260

January 6, 2007, to February 27, 2007

Starting Handicap 4.1

Ending Handicap 4.0

Strokes Average 77.3

Putts Per Round 29.35

Fairways Per Round 5.05

Greens in Regulation 8.2

Scrambling 58%

Sand Saves 38%

Putts Per Green in Reg 1.85

Games 261 to 280

March 4, 2007, to May 3, 2007

Starting Handicap 4.3

Ending Handicap 4.7

Strokes Average 79.65

Putts Per Round 30.0

Fairways Per Round 5.6

Greens in Regulation 7.2

Scrambling 53%

Sand Saves 47%

Putts Per Green in Reg 1.92

Games 280 to 298

May 6, 2007, to June 21, 2007

Starting Handicap 4.8

Ending Handicap 4.9

Strokes Average 79.0

Putts Per Round 31.22

Fairways Per Round 5.38

Greens in Regulation 8.38

Scrambling 46%

Sand Saves 34%

Putts Per Green in Reg 1.94

Fourth Year Summary

Total Games 98

Starting Handicap 4.8

Ending Handicap 4.9

Strokes Average 78.73

Putts Per Round 30.06

Fairways Per Round 5.57

Greens in Regulation 7.82

Scrambling 53%

Sand Saves 38%

Putts Per Green in Reg 1.88

It was my fourth year of playing golf and practicing for significant amounts of time. I was getting regular golf swing tips from a coach, but my ball striking only marginally improves.

My short game improved a fair bit and I would owe this to doing quite a bit of chipping and putting competitions with the top amateur golfers at my home club. We would practice for hours and compete against each other for bragging rights.

I also played in the State Amateur Championships at my Home Club in 2007. This was something I was really looking forward to and was practicing a lot to try and get my game ready. It was a good experience, but I missed the qualifying with scores of 82, 81, 77, 75.

At the very end of this journey on the 21st of June 2007, I suffered a major injury to my lower back which would keep me out of golf for 5 years. It was an injury to the L5/S1 Disc and also the L4/5 Disc. Little did I know how bad it was at the time. It progressively got worse and I considered a lot of different options in terms of getting it fixed but did not really find any proper help until late 2009 after trying around 13 other so-called specialists.

That is a story for another day, but I would say that although I was doing regular stretching to help prevent the pain from a regular physio, I was swinging the golf club in a way that was going to cause my back damage in the long term. I was not swinging the golf club in a synchronized way with my body and putting a lot of pressure on my lower back.

Looking back now I really do think if the online training program that I have recently discovered was around back then I would never have injured my back and would have achieved my goals with the game of golf.

I have never seen the golf swing explained and taught in such a simple fashion and in the comfort of your own home.

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