Callaway Apex Pro Irons – Review

A forged golf club is generally the preferred option for the better, more consistent golfers. The feel and workability a forged club provides is just what an elite amateur or professional needs to improve their game.

The Callaway Apex Pro Irons are categorized as player’s irons, designed with a focus on precision, workability, and control. They are targeted towards lower handicap golfers who prioritize shot shaping and maximum feedback.

Here is a Callaway Apex Pro Irons Review, with all the new features added to the 2016 model.

This model Callaway golf iron is a preferred shape for a lot of touring professionals and was designed with player feedback in mind. The club provides fantastic feel and workability, which are two preferred characteristics for better players. There are some decent improvements, on the new Callaway Apex Pro Irons.

Callaway Apex Pro Irons


Tour-Inspired Head Shape

This set of irons is much similar to the 2013 X Forged model in terms of the irons head shape. A lot of feedback has been taken into account from Callaway touring professionals, to design a club head that looks and feels fantastic. These Callaway Apex Irons are one of the better performing forged irons available on the market right now.

The Apex Pro Irons feature a forged construction, typically using a soft carbon steel material. The precise forging process allows for precise shaping and fine-tuning of the clubhead design to enhance feel and performance.

Quadruple Net Forging

When striking the Callaway Apex Forged Irons you will notice that the club has an incredibly soft feel for a forged iron. This is because of the forging process used by Callaway known as Quadruple Net Forging. It basically means that the head is heated and stamped into place four times to create a club with a fantastic soft feel that the better players are after.

The club is made from 1020 mild carbon steel, which provides fantastic feel and a great overall look in some of the best Callaway Irons that have been produced.

Forging is a common manufacturing process used in the production of golf clubheads. It involves shaping the clubhead by applying heat and pressure to a solid piece of metal. This process helps to create a denser and more consistent clubhead compared to other manufacturing methods, such as casting.

Progressive Flow Weighting

This basically means that the centre of gravity is optimised throughout the Callaway Apex Irons set. A small hole has been designated to add weight in the bottom of the clubhead.

The three, four, and five irons have a tungsten insert inside the bottom of the clubhead to lower the centre of gravity for an easier launch.

The six, seven and eight irons are filled with steel in these holes to give an ideal mid-launch.

The nine iron and above are empty to remove weight from the sole and raise the centre of gravity for more control. This is a very unique improvement to these Callaway irons and will give golfers the best chance to achieve their optimum ball flight.

Callaway Apex Pro Irons

Shaft Options

Being a premium players iron these come with a range of custom shaft options. The standard shaft in this set however, is really a great option and works very well with this specific forged head, based on testing.

The standard shaft is the popular Project X Shaft, which comes in a range of shaft flexes, and is one of the better shaft options to optimise the performance of the Callaway Apex Forged Irons.

Targeted at which golfer?

With lots of input from professionals, these clubs have been designed specifically for the better player. They have a fantastic chrome finish to them and feel great off the clubface.

The head size of the Apex Pro Irons is relatively compact, offering a more compact profile compared to game improvement irons. This design allows for greater workability and shot control.

If you are a single digit handicapper and are looking for a well performing, workable golf iron then this really is one of the best top golf club irons on the market. Even if you feel like you are improving and your ball striking is getting a lot better you could try these out. The only thing is that they are not very forgiving, so you need to be a consistent ball striker to get maximum performance from these irons.

They are also available in left and right handed, with a number of different custom shaft options available. The iron options available are a 3 iron, all the way up to a pitching wedge. Callaway has also included an approach wedge as a custom option.

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So there you have it, a set of forged golf irons that not only look great but perform even better. Being able to optimise and control ball flight, is essential to lowering scores when you are a consistent golfer.

These irons will give you a very good chance to do that, but as you know practice is the best and only way to improve. The clubs can help to some degree, but a golfer that blames his clubs will always die wondering and be looking for that magic wand that doesn’t exist. This Callaway Iron Set is one of the most popluar golf irons on the market.

The Apex Pro Irons offer golfers the ability to shape their shots and have more control over the ball flight. The compact head size, precise weighting, and overall design cater to golfers who want to manipulate the trajectory and shape of their shots.

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12 thoughts on “Callaway Apex Pro Irons – Review”

  1. I’m curious how much you’ve used this club and if it improved your game.
    The specs, etc certainly sound good. And it looks amazing in the pictures 🙂
    I’m also curious how you think it compares to other clubs that are going after the same type of players and would be considered similar products.

    • Hi Delia

      I have actually used X Forged 2013 model for the last few years. They are a great set of irons and the Apex Pro 2016 model have a very similar head design. I find the Apex Pro 2016 model to go that little bit further compared to my current model so I’ve organised an upgrade.

      After trying out a lot of different irons targeted at the more consistent golfer, I just found these had an incredibly soft feel when striking the ball. As long as the correct length, shaft flex and lie angle are checked the golf clubs will work for you provided that you practice.

      If you want to learn more on golf irons check out my post https ://

      I appreciate your comments.



  2. As someone who golfs, but not a golfer, I am always desiring a better set of clubs thinking that they will be my magic wand. Your post’s description and picture gave me a solid idea of what a forged golf club is and how these clubs are weighted at the bottom. I love a club that feels solid or has a heaviness to its head rather than something so lightweight. I appreciate the fact that you targeted these clubs for a single digit handicapper. That’s definitely not met, and that comment really helped me steer away from getting excited about these clubs. Thanks for the review.

    • Hi Patrick

      I appreciate your comments.

      Yes, these are a fantastic set of forged golf irons from Callaway Golf. They are targeted at the more consistent golfer, but that doesn’t mean a higher handipper cannot consider these. It just means that it will take a little more practice to get use to a set like this.

      If you want to learn a little more on choosing the correct golf irons, click the link to my post….



  3. Hello

    Beautiful golf irons in your article, very high quality appearance and as you shared perform extremely well for the golfer.

    I am considering golf products similar to the ones in our article for a relative, is there any special things I need to look out for when purchasing this type of product for someone else. I am not a golfer, so I am not familiar with all you choose golf equipment?

  4. Hi Jeffrey

    These are great irons, but you want to find out what type of golfer your relative is before you purchase. Are they a low, mid or high handicap golfer? If they are a low handicap player, then these Callaway Apex Pro Irons can definitely be considered.

    For more information on choosing golf clubs, check out the link to my post,



  5. Hello Chris,
    I enjoyed reading your review on Callaway Apex Pro Irons. I have a very basic knowledge of the sport having only ever played once or twice however I appreciate the importance of having a quality set of golf clubs! Your detailed review has sparked a golfing interest for me that I never knew I had!
    Thank You

    • Hi

      I appreciate your comments.

      The Callaway Apex Pro Irons are a fantastic forged set of golf irons. They provide the golfer with the ultimate in iron technology as Callaway is one of the leaders.



  6. I really like your review here. I golf somewhat of the time and definitely appreciate a good club. Your review makes that decision that much easier. Personally, I like the soft feel of the club when I am golfing. I find it makes my strike that much smoother. Thanks for the video also.

    • Hi Rob

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Yes, the Callaway Apex Pro Irons are a fantastic forged golf club that provides exceptional feel. These are a great set of clubs if you have no trouble consistently making contact with the centre of the face.

      Happy golfing.


  7. I have always been told by many golfers that, since I am a high handicapper, I am better off with cast cavity back clubs. They are more forgiving for novices who do not consistently hit the ball squarely since the sweet spot is bigger.

    That being said, I have also heard that the forged irons with a softer touch would provide better feedback and actually help me improve my ball strike…leading to a lower handicap.

    So, I am in a quandary. As a weekend golf enthusiast, do I stick with my Ping irons? Or, do I dive into a forged set like the Calaways in this article?

    Your thoughts?


    • Hi Jim

      I appreciate your comments.

      Technology has actually come a long way in recent years. Some golf clubs that are Forged can actually be quite forgiving. A good example of this is the Callaway Apex CF Forged irons. These irons are a forged golf club, but have been made with game improvement in mind meaning they have a larger sweet spot compared to the Callaway Apex Pro Irons.

      It all depends on where you game is at and whether or not you have the time to practice. 

      A Forged golf club designed for a more consistent ball striker can be used by any golfer, however they are not the most forgiving on mishits. If you are more keen on reducing the severity of some of your mishits, which is what golf is all about, then go a more forgiving cavity back club.

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