Callaway Epic Driver Review

Are you on the hunt for a Callaway Golf Driver that promises those coveted extra yards off the tee? We’ve all been there—anticipating the next big claim that the latest golf driver is longer and straighter than its predecessor. Let me cut through the noise and present to you the game-changing Callaway Epic Driver, a groundbreaking addition to golf driver technology.

In this Callaway Epic Driver Review, I’ll unravel the unique features that set this golf club apart and why it might just be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. A decade ago, the R&A set a limit on COR (Energy Transference) for drivers, making it a challenge for manufacturers to legally maximize ball speed for optimal distance.

Enter Callaway Golf, always at the forefront of innovation. The new Callaway Epic Driver is not just a driver; it’s a technological marvel. Packed with features that push the boundaries of what we’ve come to expect, this driver brings something truly fresh and unprecedented to the game. Let’s explore why the Callaway Epic Driver is poised to redefine your expectations of golfing performance.

What is the Callaway Epic Driver?

The Callaway Epic Driver is an innovative golf club produced by Callaway Golf.

The Callaway Epic Driver features advanced technology to enhance distance, accuracy, and forgiveness for golfers of all skill levels. In addition, it is made of high-strength titanium that is thinner and lighter than previous models, allowing for increased ball speed and distance.

The driver also features a sliding weight track that allows golfers to adjust the centre of gravity and ball flight for optimal performance, as well as a new Jailbreak A.I. Speed Frame that helps to stiffen the body of the club and enhance energy transfer for increased ball speed.

What are the Features of the Callaway Epic Driver?

Callaway Jailbreak Technology

Callaway Jailbreak Technology is a design feature in Callaway golf clubs that uses two internal bars to connect the crown and sole of the clubhead, creating a more rigid structure. This allows more energy to be transferred to the ball at impact, increasing ball speed and distance. Jailbreak Technology is available in Callaway drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids.

Callaway Epic Driver Review

Two 3-Gram Titanium Poles have been inserted behind the face of the Callaway Golf Driver. This creates a vertical connection between the crown and the sole to inhibit movement.

This means the Callaway GBB Epic Driver is more stable at impact, which forces the face to flex more and provides more ball speed.

Titanium Exo Cage and Triaxial Carbon Construction

Sounds a little confusing and complicated, doesn’t it?

Well, it is actually quite simple.

A special grade of High-Grade Carbon Fibers has been used to combine with a Titanium head to create a crown that is 30% thinner. This has freed up weight and allowed Callaway to use their very innovative Jailbreak Technology to enhance ball speed. With the use of these carbon fibers, it also makes for an incredibly light clubhead.

Perimeter Weighting

The 17-gram weight on the perimeter of the Great Big Bertha Epic Driver’s head helps provide fantastic ball flight optimisation. If you tend to slice the ball, just put the weight in the heel, which will help turn the clubface at impact and promote a draw.

Do the exact opposite if you want to hit a fade.

The Perimeter Weighting allows for 21 yards of workability.

Callaway Speedstep Crown

A popular feature from the well-performing Callaway XR Driver Model, the Speedstep Crown improves air-flow and drag, so the Callaway golf club driver can still perform in most conditions. It also provides a fantastic visual aid when a golfer sets up to the ball.

The Callaway Speedstep Crown is a design feature in Callaway golf clubs that features a raised triangular section on the crown of the clubhead. This section is designed to improve aerodynamics and reduce drag during the downswing, allowing for increased clubhead speed and distance. The Speedstep Crown is included in several Callaway drivers and fairway woods, including the Callaway Epic line of drivers.

Callaway Optifit Adjustability

The Callaway Optifit Hosel allows golfers to adjust the loft, lie, and face angle of the clubhead to customize the performance to their swing and ball flight preferences.

The Optifit Hosel uses a simple, yet effective design that features a sleeve that sits between the clubhead and shaft. The sleeve can be rotated into different positions, changing the angle at which the clubhead sits on the shaft. This changes the loft, lie, and face angle of the club, allowing for a more customized fit.

The hosel of the golf club can be adjusted to 8 different settings. Loft can be adjusted 1 degree lower or 2 degrees higher. The face angle can also be adjusted into a draw position, which is ideal if a golfer struggles with the slice which tends to be a lot of beginners.

Who should use the Callaway Epic Driver?

Golf clubs are designed to be very forgiving these days and the Great Epic Golf Driver could be targeted at almost any ability level. If you after a low, mid or high handicap and are after a bit more distance then this could be the driver for you.

Callaway Epic Driver Review

As long as the golfer gets the shaft that best matches their swing speed and launch then this club should provide the best chance to hit the ball as far down the fairway as possible.

The Epic Driver is available in Right-Handed in lofts of 9.5, 10.5 and 13.5. The lefties also don’t miss out here as the driver is available in lofts of, 9, 10.5 and 13.5 degrees.

Check out the following link for the Epic Driver Specs.

Callaway has also offered four different shaft options that have been tested to target different types of golfers and ball flights.

There is a Callaway Epic Driver Senior Shaft is a light option designed for the golfer with an average pace swing speed and struggles with launch. The heaviest shaft is designed for a golfer that generates a fast-swing speed and has no trouble achieving an optimum launch.

Callaway Epic Sub-Zero Driver

This is an alternate driver that features all the same technology as the standard epic. The head is a little more compact and there are two weights in the sole of the club that can be adjusted to promote a higher or lower launch and increase or decrease spin.

The Callaway Epic Sub-Zero Driver is a high-performance golf club that features advanced technology designed to enhance distance, accuracy, and control. It includes a low-spin, high MOI design that delivers a penetrating ball flight and increased forgiveness, as well as a high-strength titanium face and Jailbreak Technology that enhances energy transfer for increased ball speed. The Epic Sub Zero is ideal for golfers who want a low-spin driver that delivers maximum distance and control.

Put the heavier weight in the front of the club and it promotes a lower ball with less spin. Put it in the back and it promotes a higher ball with more spin.

This Sub-Zero Driver is available in lofts of 9 degrees and 10.5 degrees for the right-handed player. The left-handed golfer also does not miss out with this unique club being offered in a 9-degree loft option.

A golfer that wants a lower more penetrating ball might benefit a little more from the Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Sub Zero Driver.

Callaway Epic Driver

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A golf club with all these new features and that name would definitely want to perform, and it certainly does.

The Jailbreak Technology is a bit of a breakthrough for enhanced ball speed because lets face it, we get a little tired of consistently hearing that the new driver is longer and straighter than before.

This club is certainly a must try if you get a chance and one of the better Callaway Golf Clubs on the market.

Overall, the Callaway Epic Driver is a high-performance golf club that has been well-received by golfers of all skill levels, including many professionals on the PGA Tour.

Here is a short video to sum up the above information.

If you want to learn a little more on some of the things to consider when in the market for golf clubs, have a look at our post on How to Choose Golf Clubs.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below.

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  1. This is great. I love golf, it’s just so relaxing. I’m not that good but i’m progressing though. i’m glad I came across this because i’m currently looking for a new driver. My old driver just doesn’t do the job, but i can see that because i got it for cheap. But i’m going to join a golf club, so i’m looking to invest in some equipment (driver). Where is the best place to buy this, whether online or in stores?

    • Hi Garrett

      I appreciate your comments.

      Yes, the Callaway Epic Driver is a fantastic driver for distance, adjustability and forgiveness. That’s great you are looking at joining a golf club. The more games you get in, the quicker you will improve. There are a lot of different drivers to choose from, but the Callaway Epic Driver is one of the better options, which can be purchased both online or in store.

      For more information on choosing golf drivers use the following link



  2. I occasionally play Golf and have been looking to get a new driver, thanks for the review. I own a Titliest 910 d2 driver, it’s pretty good for someone like me, but I am the kind of person who always wants to upgrade when something becomes a little old. I think this may be a little out of my budget, what can I get for something under $200?

    • Hi Minhaj

      I appreciate your comments.

      Yes the Callaway Epic Driver is a fantastic driver and one of the best sellers at the moment. The extra ball speed is always appealing to golfers.

      This is a new model, so I would suggest to be on the look out for a discontinued driver which you might find a little closer to your budget.



  3. Hello Chris. I’m glad I came across this article since I’m currently shopping around for a driver. It is a very informative article. The video at the end gave the article a nice touch.
    I have a few questions I am hoping you can answer. You mentioned that the Speedstep Crown “provides a fantastic visual aid”. Can you please elaborate on this? How exactly does it provide a fantastic visual aid?
    My second question is. Would you recommend this driver for a novice golfer, like me?

    • Hi Joey

      Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your comments.

      The main purpose of the Speedstep Crown in the Callaway Epic Driver is to reduce drag so the clubhead swings through the wind easier. It is lined up in the centre of the crown which makes it very easy to line up the golf ball square whilst setting up to the ball.

      I would highly recommend this Driver to a novice golfer because it is a forgiving option and targeted at the golfer who needs a user friendly driver. Stay away from the Sub Zero option as it is designed for more consistent ball strikers and will launch a lot lower.

      Happy Golfing.



  4. Hello,

    Awesome post about the Callaway Epic Driver.

    I am definitely in the market for a new driver. I am glad I landed on your post because it has changed my view on the driver.

    I also need a new set of irons. What would you recommend for a medium skilled player?



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