How to Wash Golf Balls

How to Wash Golf Balls

Golf is an outdoor sport, and sometimes a golfers equipment will need maintenance to not only look good but help with performance.

During a round of golf, a golfers golf balls will scuff up and enter places where the ball may become a little bit dirty.

Playing golf with a golf ball that is not clean can hurt a players score as excess dirt can alter the optimum flight of the golf ball.

If you are looking for some information on How to Wash Golf Balls, this post will solve that for you.

Why Should Golf Balls be Washed?

Golf Balls can get rather dirty throughout a golf round, and any excess dirt on a ball can significantly impact the flight of the ball.

Not only can it have a significant impact on the ball flight, but it can also impact the putting surface.

If you have ever watched a professional golf tournament or PGA Tour event, you would have noticed that caddies carry around a golf towel. This golf towel, which is usually damp, is used to clean golf clubs and balls.

A golfer will need clean equipment to get the best performance from golf balls and golf clubs.

Golf Balls should be washed to gain optimum performance

Who can Wash Golf Balls?

You are a golf fan and like to get out for the odd round or two if you are reading this.

Anybody can wash their golf balls, and it takes little time or expertise.

What Equipment will I need to Wash Golf Balls?

The only equipment you will need to clean golf balls is a bucket, detergent or vinegar and a towel.

There is no need to scrub them excessively, but if you want to see results a little quicker, you can clean them with a damp cloth of some sort. A pressure washer or a hose would also be handy.

How to Wash Golf Balls

  • Fill Up a Bucket Halfway with Warm Water
  • Add one Cup of Vinegar to the Bucket.
  • Let the Golf Balls soak in the solution for about 1 Hour
  • Remove all of the water from the bucket and spray the golf balls with a hose or a bucket
  • Take the Golf Balls out of the Bucket and dry them with a towel
How to Wash Golf Balls

You will find that the vinegar will dissolve most of the excess dirt on the golf ball, which will make it super easy to clean.

The other option is to fill the bucket with water and dishwashing liquid. Then, let the golf balls soak in the bucket overnight and repeat the final two steps above.

When Can I Use Golf Balls after they have been Washed?

Once the Golf balls are ready and dry, they will be ready to use on the golf course for your next golf encounter.

Can I wash My Golf Balls at the Golf Course?

When on a golf course, you will notice that there are golf ball cleaners on or near a lot of the tee boxes. This means golfers can place their golf balls inside the cleaner and clean them during a golf round.

This comes in handy when there is some slow play during a round.

Many Electric Golf Buggies also have a golf ball cleaner built-in.

So cleaning golf balls is as easy as that and requires virtually no expertise. If you were looking for information on How to Clean Golf Balls, this post should help.

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