Srixon Q Star Golf Ball Review

You play a bit of golf, but are tired of looking for a straight golf ball that is reliable, and don’t really want to spend the time searching through all the different options and the golf ball prices.Srixon Q Star Golf Ball

If you want fantastic distance, and decent feel around the greens read on. Here is a Srixon Q Star Golf Ball Review.

The Srixon Q Star has been one of the more popular golf balls in terms of sales in recent years, and there is a reason why.

The Srixon Q Star golf ball is now in its third generation, with some small improvements that might just help your game.

It has a range of features which make it one of the straightest golf balls on the current market.


Srixon Spinskin Technology

This is an upgraded urethane cover to enhance feel and spin around the greens. A lot of all golf balls targeted at intermediate players generally struggle in this area. This is because their main focus has generally been on distance. The SpinSkin Technology increases the frictional force at impact, which will give great greenside control for the golfer.

Srixon Q Star Golf Ball

Speed Dimple Technology

This basically means that through testing Srixon has managed to create a dimple design that improves the aerodynamics of the golf ball. This is a subtle difference, but will help reduce drag so your golf shots do not get affected by the wind as much. The Q Star Golf Ball helps reduce driver sidespin so shots do not hook or slice as severley.

Srixon Q Star Golf Ball

Energetic Gradient Growth Core

Another marketing term however, testing has been done to create a core of the Srixon Golf Ball, which will help with distance and direction. The core has been designed to reduce spin, which will help achieve more distance and accuracy.

Srixon Q Star Golf Ball

Targeted at Which Golfer?

With the new SpinSkin Technology, the Srixon Q Star Golf Balls are a great all-around golf ball targeted at mid handicappers, and also the higher handicap golfer. The perfect golf ball to help a beginner on how to hit a golf ball straight.

If you want peace of mind out on the golf course, and want a golf ball you can trust, then the Srixon Q Star Ball might be the one to consider. With the enhanced greenside control, this ball is not only great off the tee but also great for improvements in the short game and putting.

The ball is also designed to reduce driver spin, so your mis-hits are not as severe, and don’t slice as far into the trees or hazards.

Bear in mind, however if you hit any ball with an open clubface, it will still slice into the bushes, or out of bounds. You may get a little forgiveness from this ball when you hot a bad tee shot as it is well regarded as one of the best straight golf balls on the market.

If you want to learn more about golf balls, click the link on How to Choose Golf Balls.

For another Srixon Golf Ball review have a look at the Srixon Z Star Golf Balls Review. These are targeted at the more advanced golfer for that extra spin and control needed around the greens.


This golf ball has always been solid, and competitive in terms of performance. As a third generation ball the main difference between this, and the older models is the increased feel around the greens. This is an area in which the previous model lacked, but now short game control is better than ever in an all-around golf ball.

A great golf ball to consider if you’re looking for a slight advantage out on the golf course and are considering one of the better quality cheap golf balls on the market.

Available in both white and the unique yellow srixon golf balls option, which acts as a fantastic visual out on the golf course.

For more information and a price click here.

12 thoughts on “Srixon Q Star Golf Ball Review

  1. Steve

    I only get out and golf about 5-10 times a year but I watch it all the time on tv.How do they compare to the titleists and top flites of the golf world? I for one am always grateful for a little forgiveness when it comes to a bad golf shot. Perhaps giving this ball a try will not hurt my game but help it instead.

    1. Chris Post author

      Hi Steve

      Srixon is actually one of these leaders in terms of quality and performance. They have quite a few other models out, including the Soft Feel, and the Z Star Tour model golf ball.

      The Srixon Q Star golf ball would be a good option if you are fairly happy with the distance you get off the tee, and want some feel for chipping and putting.

      I appreciate your comments.


  2. Chris

    Hi Chris
    My golf is not that great on a good day and I often find myself damaging balls due to my let say “lacking technique”. How durable are the Srixon?
    I’m always looking for any advantage I can get!!

    1. Chris Post author


      Thanks for your comments.

      Yes, most of the Srixon Golf Balls are fantastic in terms of durability. If you don’t play a lot of golf and are looking for a decent well performing forgiving golf ball, then the Srixon Q Star golf ball is a great option.



  3. Arta


    I am looking for a golf ball as a present to my father in law. After reading your review it seems as this could be the perfect choice just that I read on Amazon reviews that this ball tends to spin and get affected by wind even though you write it is designed not to. Do you know if this like general issue for this ball or just some unfortunate case?

    1. Chris Post author

      Hey Arta

      I appreciate your comments.

      A lot of testing has been done to create a dimple design for this golf ball, which will help the ball penetrate through the wind a lot better. The core of the golf ball is also designed to reduce sidespin on tee shots which will help with straighter shots. On a very windy day however, any ball will be effected by the wind, so the best way to counteract that is through better targeted technique.

      Unfortunately a lot of golfers like to blame their gear so in this case I’d say it would be an unfortunate case of constant mis hits through bad technique from the reviewer.

      This ball will not lower your scores but consistent practice and good technique will. The Q Star is a fantastic ball though.

      Any further questions let me know.



  4. jeffrey16201


    I have a slight interest in starting to golf, being left handed i am finding the equipment to be quite expensive and hard to find locally.

    Does different golf balls really have that much of difference on a golfers game, do you happen to know what golf ball they use in the pro golfing tournaments on television?

    1. Chris Post author


      Yes, being left handed does make it a little more difficult to find specific equipment, but there are definitely options out there for all ability levels. I will be doing some posts in the future on some good left handed options so keep an eye out.

      Different golf balls will certainly make a difference for the more accomplished, consistent golfers. In saying that there are Golf Balls more targeted at beginners and intermediates. The Srixon Q Star golf ball would be one of these.

      The professionals use a ball with a soft urethane cover, which would be made up of between 3 and 5 layers. Most professional golfers are sponsored to use a specific brand of golf ball, but the Titleist Pro V1 ball is the most commonly used on the professional tours.

      To find out more about Golf Balls click the following link.



  5. Craig

    I have recently just got back into golf after not playing in a long time. Do you think I need to be focusing more on the accuracy of my short game or the length of drive I get with the ball. This will obviously impact the type of ball I choose?

    1. Chris Post author

      Hi Craig

      As you get back into golf and have played a bit previously, you want to be focusing mainly on hitting accurate tee shots and also performance around the greens. The Srixon Q Star golf ball will help with both of these aspects. Hitting the ball further will be developed as you gain more confidence with your game again. The ball will only help at a minimum as practice is the best way to improve.

      I hope you get a game in soon.



  6. Andrew

    Hi Chris,

    Great information on these golf balls. I have recently been getting back into golf but I generally just use whatever random golf ball I can find. I would like to find a good ball that I can stick with so this seems like a good place to start. Price seems pretty reasonable to me so I think I will give these a shot. Thanks for the info!

    1. Chris Post author

      Hi Andrew

      The Srixon Q Star Golf Ball is a fantastic option for golfers looking for a golf ball that doesn’t side spin too much. These are those dreaded hooks and slice shots which end up in the bush. The Q Star ball is also decent for feel around the greens with the new spin skin cover that is used.

      I appreciate your comments.



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