Taylormade Tour Response Golf Ball, One of the Best

Taylormade Tour Response Golf Ball, One of the Best

Taylormade Golf has recently unveiled a game-changer in the world of golf balls, and my experience in the realm of golf retail has me genuinely excited about it. Say hello to the TaylorMade Tour Response, a golf ball that steps into the limelight, replacing the beloved Project (A) model that had quite the journey.

In my time selling golf equipment, I’ve witnessed the evolution of golf balls, and the Tour Response is a testament to Taylormade’s commitment to excellence. It’s not just a replacement; it’s an upgrade.

The TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Ball isn’t your run-of-the-mill sphere; it’s a premium experience tailored for players who crave the perfect blend of distance, control, and greenside finesse. As part of Taylormade’s diverse ball lineup, this gem caters to golfers with varying preferences and skill levels.

Join me as we explore the innovation woven into the fabric of the Tour Response, a golf ball that goes beyond expectations. Elevate your game with a golf ball designed for those who appreciate performance at every swing—the TaylorMade Tour Response.

The Project A Golf Ball was a popular ball among golfers that are fans of soft golf balls and a ball that enhances the feel around the greens. The Project A, and now the Tour Response are among the most delicate urethane-covered balls on the market.


100% Urethane Cover

There is no secret that Touring Professionals love a Golf Ball with a Urethane Cover, but what about some amateur players?

The problem with a golf ball with a Urethane cover is that it generates spin, and that also means sidespin.

Sidespin imparted on a golf ball makes it difficult to keep the ball in play. This makes it challenging for amateur golfers to get the full benefit from a Golf Ball with a Urethane Cover.

The Taylormade Tour Response Golf Ball comes in at a more affordable price for the average golfer and is also a little more forgiving than some of the tour-level golf balls available on the market.

The intermediate layers and the urethane cover work together to provide excellent spin and control on approach shots and around the greens. The urethane cover offers increased greenside spin, allowing golfers to have better control over their shots and stopping power on the greens.

Hi Spring Core

An Ultra-Low 40 Compression Core will give golfers a greater feel whilst enhancing compression at impact, which equals more distance. The core of the Taylormade Tour Response Golf Ball is designed for medium-paced swing speeds which is the majority of amateur golfers. Throw in the fact that it also features a top-quality Urethane Cover, and this is one of the Top Golf Balls on the market.

The Tour Response incorporates a soft core, which helps generate low driver spin and promotes distance off the tee. The core also contributes to a responsive feel and enhanced energy transfer for increased ball speed.


The Speedmantle is an essential piece of this golf ball, and it is the firm second layer that surrounds the soft core of the ball. This helps increase ball speeds and also help control the overall spin of the ball.

The Taylormade Tour Response Golf Ball has replaced the Taylormade Project A Golf Ball and will be a clear winner. The 100% Urethane Cover provides an incredible feel, and the low compression core helps golfers of all levels generate more consistent distance.

The Tour Response features a multi-layer construction designed to optimize performance across different aspects of the game. It typically consists of a soft core, an intermediate layer, and a urethane cover.

The Tour Response is generally characterized by its low compression, which means it compresses more easily upon impact. This attribute can benefit players with slower swing speeds, as it helps maximize ball speed and distance with less effort.

The Tour Response Golf Ball is typically aimed at mid to low handicap golfers who desire a balance of distance, control, and greenside performance. It can be suitable for players who prioritize both distance off the tee and precise approach shots.

This is without a doubt one of the best Golf Balls on the market for the Amateur Golfers that want spin and feel around the greens and forgiveness off the tee.

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