Taylormade Distance Plus Golf Balls – Review

Taylormade Distance Plus Golf Balls

The Taylormade Distance Plus Golf Balls are an excellent option if you are after some extra distance and forgiveness off the tee box.

The two-piece construction is ultra forgiving and ideal for golfers who need more distance and want more forgiveness off the tee.

TaylorMade distance golf balls focus on distance and forgiveness and are one of the more popular options on the market right now.

Taylormade Distance Plus Golf Balls

Why is the Taylormade Distance Plus Golf Ball a suitable option?

Golf is more than hitting a ball into a hole, and getting the equipment part of the game correct is essential to lowering those scores.

The game of golf is a game of skill, precision and patience. Your choice of golf ball can impact your golf scores and how you perform whilst giving you confidence whilst out on the golf course. If you pick a bad ball, your distance may be off, your shot could be wayward, and the ball might even travel less distance than anticipated.

This is why you should find a ball that suits your golf game.

Picking a golf ball isn’t always easy, and when you’re a beginner, It can be unclear when you first try and select the correct golf ball.

Most beginners are shocked to learn how a good quality golf ball can affect their play. Golf balls these days are packed full of features and manufactured with leading technology to provide golfers with the cutting edge they need.

The TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Ball is targeted more to high handicappers, and even mid handicappers can use some of the forgiving technology to help their game. This is a two-layer construction golf ball that is ideal for reducing driver spin and enhancing distance.

Who is Taylormade?

TaylorMade has been a leading company in golf products for a long time, and although TaylorMade is known for its high-quality clubs, they also sell accessories and golf balls.

The mission at Taylormade is to create the best performing golf products available, and they certainly meet the highest standards with their distance plus golf balls.

What are the Colour Choices?

These balls, you have a choice of colour, either a bright yellow or a crisp white.

Whatever you choose, the balls are sure to stand out against any backdrop, whether it be a sandy bunker or the grassy rough.

The yellow option is good as a visual and makes it easier to find if the bush is found.

What are the features of the Taylormade Distance Plus Golf Ball?

Aerodynamic Dimple Pattern

A 342 aerodynamic dimple pattern reduces drag and promotes fast ball speeds off the tee.

The proprietary cover is highly durable and combined with the 342 dimples. They do a great job of improving the accuracy of your shot, giving you a more significant advantage on the green.

React Core with Two-Piece Construction

These balls have a two-layer design and have been designed for minimal spin on off-centre shots. In addition, the 77 compression core is ultra forgiving and helps with more consistent golf shots.

Taylormade Plus Alignment Aid

The Taylormade Plus Alignment Aid helps golfers line up putts and gets the ball rolling on the chosen line more accurate on putting greens. Just making more putts can rapidly help golfers lower their handicaps much faster.

Ionomer Cover

A soft ionomer cover increases the greenside feel and can help with overall durability, and the ball will not scuff as much as some of its competitors.

What is the Price of the Taylormade Plus Golf Ball?

TaylorMade is generally an expensive brand, but these golf balls are surprisingly affordable and great value for money. and

You’re paying for a quality golf ball that will last you many golf games and also help you lower those ever-important golf scores.

So if you are looking for a new golf ball that helps with distance and want to outdrive your buddies, the Taylormade Distance Plus golf ball should be considered.

Why not shout yourself and get a top-quality golf ball at a very affordable price that will ultimately help you improve your golf.

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