How to Hit a Driver Straight

How to Hit a Driver Straight

Golfers of all levels can struggle with this and may sometimes ask the question of How to hit a Driver Straight?

The Golf Driver is the longest golf club in the bag and requires a little more control and timing to hit a driver straight.

A golf driver also has the least loft compared to all the other golf clubs in the bag, so it requires a golf tee to hit the ball on the critical ascending angle of approach.

So how do professionals and elite amateurs know How to hit a Driver Straight?

We will answer those questions and a few others in this post.

Who Can Hit the Driver Straight?

With the correct curriculum, some practice, and a bit of patience, golfers of any ability or athletic ability can learn to hit the driver straighter.

This is a matter of learning how to swing the golf club in a synchronised way with the body to achieve the most consistency in golf.

Golf beginners with previous experience in different sports and good hand-eye coordination will have an easier time learning how to hit a golf driver straight. Still, the reality is, anybody can learn it.

How to Hit a Driver Straight

Does being good at other sports mean I can hit the Driver Straight?

This is true, but only if the golf student learns how to swing a golf club synchronised with the body.

There are many athletes from a range of different sports that have become very good at the game of golf, simply because they are athletic, have great hand and eye coordination and learned the game the correct way.

These include Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry and champion cricketer Ricky Ponting.

Do I need to be fit and athletic to hit the Driver Straight?

Being sporty, fit and athletic will undoubtedly help, but bad habits are easily ingrained in golf, so learning the game the wrong way can be difficult to unlearn.

The good thing about the game of golf is that anybody can learn the game and at the same time can get very good at the game.

Everybody who plays the golf game will have an optimum level in terms of their potential, but that is what a golf handicap is for.

The Golf Handicap system makes it enjoyable for all ability levels and gives golfers a chance to better themselves.

A short compact swing that goes straight is more valuable than a powerful swing that sends the ball into the bush.

Golfers do not necessarily need to be fit and athletic to reach their optimum level and potential.

What is the best technique to hit the Driver Straight?

Everybody is unique in their own way and will have a specific way to swing the golf club based on their body makeup and athletic ability.

It wouldn’t be suggested to teach the golf swing the same way for a youngster, as it would an elderly beginner. This could lead to injury, but the body may not move like that of somebody younger.

The best technique to hit the driver straight would be to learn to move the golf club in a synchronised way with the body.

If the hands and arms take over without using the body, this is where bad shots creep in, and students start working on effects rather than causes.

There is no specific general technique for everybody, but the Grip, Aim and Setup are pretty similar.

It would be best to seek professional coaching or invest in an online coaching program to discover the best technique to hit the driver straight.

Will a Specific Driver help me hit the Golf Ball Straight?

Golf Equipment can help, but if a player has not learnt how to swing a golf club in a synchronised way with the body, they will always find it challenging, and it probably won’t matter what golf driver they use.

Many golf drivers on the market are targeted at golfers wanting to hit the ball straighter, and some of these are forgiving. Still, a specific individual will need to learn the correct technique to achieve the greatest consistency.

Some of the better golf drivers include the name brands, like Callaway and Taylormade, which spend millions of dollars on research and design to help golfers of all abilities.

What is the Best Golf Ball to hit the Driver Straight?

The best golf ball to hit a driver straight would be a two-piece golf ball that does not spin as much.

These golf balls have a more rigid cover and centre and are designed for golf beginners who need the tee’s accuracy.

The best golf ball to hit the straightest golf balls is different for golfers of varying abilities, so choosing a golf ball that suits you would be ideal.

To learn more about golf balls, check out the post on How to Choose Golf Balls.


So if you were after a quick fix and answer on How to Hit a Driver Straight, there are no quick fixes. With the correct grip, aim and setup, a golfer will be on the right track, but it comes down to learning the game the right way. This means swinging the golf club in unison with the body.

If this is not learned in the initial stages, it becomes harder to become unstuck, and the hands, shoulders arms, may work against each other, which causes all sorts of foul shots.

Learn the game of a professional teacher or join an online coaching program to learn how to hit a driver straight at a much faster pace.

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