Are Yellow Golf Balls Better?

Are Yellow Golf Balls Better?

The most common coloured golf ball to use throughout a golf round is the traditional white coloured golf ball.

If you have played a bit of golf, you may have noticed that some golfers choose to use some coloured golf ball options. Of course, yellow is the most common option, but are Yellow Golf Balls better?

Yellow golf balls are used as a visual aid and are the same as the traditional white golf ball, but yellow.

Who Uses Yellow Golf Balls?

Golfers use yellow golf balls for mainly two reasons. The first is that some golfers prefer a coloured golf ball during a round. The second is for golfers who may struggle with eyesight and need a brighter ball to spot.

Yellow golf balls are often chosen for their enhanced visibility on the course, particularly in low light conditions or against backgrounds that may make white golf balls harder to spot. If you find it easier to track a yellow ball in the air or locate it in the rough or hazards, it may improve your overall experience and confidence.

Yellow Golf Balls are easier to spot in the bush than white golf balls simply because they are much brighter in colour.

Golfers of any ability level can use Yellow Golf Balls. Some of the more established golf manufacturers have even bought out Yellow Golf Balls targeted at the more accomplished player.

Are Yellow Golf Balls Better?

Do Yellow Golf Balls fly Further?

Yellow Golf Balls are the same as traditional golf balls in terms of makeup, and the only difference is that they are yellow. Therefore, they will not fly further than a conventional white golf ball.

Who Makes Yellow Golf Balls?

A wide range of golf manufacturers make yellow golf balls, but some of the more popular options are from Srixon Golf. They also made a premium tour option golf ball called the Z Star.

Titleist Golf has also make Yellow Golf Balls as well as Callaway, and many others.

Where Can I buy Yellow Golf Balls?

Some of the Yellow Golf Balls are better than others in terms of quality and may provide more feel around the greens for golfers.

Yellow golf balls are commonly available for purchase at various sporting goods stores, golf specialty shops, and online retailers.

With quite a few golf manufacturers making yellow golf balls, they can be purchased on an online golf store or golf retail outlet, and on the golf course.

Do Professionals Use Yellow Golf Balls?

Some professionals have used a yellow golf ball, but they are not as common as the traditional white golf ball.


Yellow golf balls are not necessarily better than white golf balls, but for golfers that enjoy a colour preference or have trouble visually, a yellow golf ball may very well be a better option.

Golfers have different visual preferences, and some individuals simply prefer the appearance of yellow golf balls. If you feel more comfortable and confident with a specific colour, it can positively affect your mindset and performance on the course.

If you need an edge and think a yellow golf ball may be a better option for you, why not try a yellow golf ball.

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Happy Golfing out there.

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