Srixon Z Star Golf Ball – Review

When you start golfing more and improving, it is ideal to consider a golf ball that will help benefit your game. Bad tee shots are probably not much of an issue anymore, but some distance and great feel around the greens is always welcoming. Srixon Z Star Golf Ball

Here is a Srixon golf ball review, which will help you understand how this fantastic Srixon Z Star Golf Ball might help your game.

Srixon golf has long been one of the leaders in golf balls, with some of the more popular options available on the market.

The fifth generation Srixon Z Star ball is no different and will provide benefits that better players are looking for in their golf games.

You will notice the Z Star Golf ball is available in a Gold coloured box, and also a Silver coloured box. I will explain the differences between the two best tour golf balls later in the post.


SpinSkin Cover

This urethane cover is now in the third generation of its type, with the new Z Star Ball. The SpinSkin cover has been improved to provide even more friction when the  Srixon golf ball meets the club head. This will provide more spin, and a fantastic feel, especially from the greenside rough.

Srixon Z Star Golf Ball

338 Speed Dimple Pattern

Through a lot of testing, Srixon has discovered that different dimple sizes have helped create a golf ball that promotes less drag right after impact. This helps the ball travel through the air with less resistance, especially on those days when it gets quite windy. The 338 Speed dimple pattern helps the ball stay in the air longer to maximise distance.

Srixon Z Star Golf Ball

Energetic Gradient Growth Core

This basically means that the core of the golf ball has been improved. The centre is soft but becomes gradually harder towards the edge to promote a soft feel, whilst still providing fantastic distance. This makes a tour golf ball perform as well as it should and achieve optimum distance.

Srixon Z Star Golf Ball

Targeted at Which Golfer?

The Srixon Z Star ball has long been a golf ball targeted at consistent amateur golfers, and professionals.

As mentioned earlier there are two types of balls to choose from.

They are the Z Star, and the Z Star XV.

Srixon Z Star Golf Ball

The Srixon Z Star Ball is a three-piece option targeted at better players searching for fantastic spin and feel around the greens.

With some of the new technological features, this ball will deliver the best of both worlds for distance, and accuracy. This is a slightly lower compression ball targeted at the player who has an average to fast swing speed.

This golf ball would be targeted at swing speeds with a general average of about 105 miles per hour or lower. A 105mph swing speed would roughly hit the ball about 250 yards in carry distance, on a calm day. If you are consistently hit the ball around that distance, or below, then this is a good ball to consider.

Srixon Z Star Golf Ball

Srixon Z Star XV Golf Ball

The Srixon Z Star XV model golf ball is made of a four-piece construction to help increase hardness, and distance. It features an extra thick ionomer mid layer, which helps overall construction. This will help maintain ball speed, and distance for the golfers with quicker swing speeds.

You will still get fantastic feel from this golf ball, as it is designed for better players. The ball does not compress as much as the Z Star ball based on Srixon Golf Ball Testing, so it is more targeted at the fast, to extremely fast swing speeds.

A lower compression ball is not needed as much for the golfers that are hitting golf balls a farther distance. Feel around the greens is definitely not sacrificed, as the SpinSkin cover promotes fantastic feel and spin.

This golf ball would be targeted at the bigger hitters with an average general clubhead speed of 105 mph, or more. This would mean the golfer consistently carries the ball 250 yards or more. If you are consistently averaging over that in terms of distance, then this is a good ball to consider.

Both models also come in the very bright Tour Yellow Srixon Golf Ball option for a great visual.

Srixon Z Star XV Golf Ball

For more information, and a price on the two Srixon Z Star golf ball models click here.


The differences in the new fifth-generation Srixon Z Star golf balls, compared to the previous model are subtle. If you do practice and are an accomplished player, you should notice the slight changes. The research and design that has gone into this golf ball have helped create a ball that will help better players become more consistent.

Srixon golf balls do have a larger core, and a very thin cover, compared to some of the other golf balls on the market. If you are after some extra distance and play off a single figure handicap, then why not give this one a try as it is the best Srixon Golf Ball on the market.

The Z Star is the three-piece golf ball targeted at the golfer who would generally carry the ball 250 yards or less, and the Z Star XV golf ball is a four piece model targeted at the big hitters.

Where do you fit?

For more information on golf balls, click the link on How to Choose Golf Balls.

To learn more about how the new Srixon Z Star ball, just watch the following short video.

If you want to learn a little more about choosing golf equipment, why not check out our post on How to Choose a Golf Driver.


12 thoughts on “Srixon Z Star Golf Ball – Review

  1. Danelle

    Interesting article. I am a beginner golfer and I knew that some golf balls were better than others, but I wasn’t sure how. This explains a lot, and made me realize that the ball you choose does make a difference. Maybe it will help me with my game (lets hope) Do you have any recommendations for a beginner

  2. Rhys

    Jeez I didn’t know there were so many intricate details that went into your golf game. I used to do a bit of golf but my experience is literally limited to the driving range so I don’t think I even got to really understand the importance of golf balls. By the way, why do golf balls have dimples? I’ve never understood that.

    1. Chris Post author

      Hi Rhys

      Great question.

      Golf balls have dimples on them to create turbulence which will reduce drag. Basically this means that a golf ball with dimples will fly a lot further through the air. This was discovered over 100 years ago when a golfer discovered a scuffed up damaged golf ball flew a lot further in the air than a new one.

      I appreciate your comments.



  3. jeffrey16201


    Nice article with interesting information and a nice variety of products, I am not a golfer even though I have considered playing golf from time to time but I have never bought the equipment to get started,

    Golfing equipment can be overwhelming when you do not know what you are looking for, bad enough being confused about all the different clubs and now I see there are many different golf balls to choose from too.

    How does someone new to wanting to start golfing know what to look for in equipment and balls

    1. Chris Post author

      Hey Jeff

      There is certainly a lot of equipment to choose from which can seem a little confusing. If you click on my Choosing Golf Equipment Category, I cover the basics of how to choose golf clubs, drivers, irons and golf balls. To give you an example, the Srixon Z Star Golf Ball is a golf ball that will provide lots of spin, which would target a lot of the better golfers. Feel around the greens is definitely what most elite golfers are after.

      Have a read through and it should all start making some sense.

      If you have any further questions let me know.



  4. Rui

    Well wrote didn’t no the golf ball was that important. I’m also beginner golfer I have played on and off with my boss he always wins lol. He has ben playing for years we go through 18 holes very fast. Do you have any advice for a beginner to have a better game?

    1. Chris Post author

      Hi Rui

      Thanks for your comments.

      Great to see you get to play a game of golf on the odd occasion. Let your boss know about the Srixon Z Star golf ball as it is targeted at the more experienced golfers.

      To improve as a beginner, make sure you get all the basics correct. Things like grip, aim and setup. It is amazing how many amateur golfers get these basicsincorrect. Because a lot of golfers don’t work on this they tend to ingrain bad habits, which makes improvements a lot more difficult in the future. Get it right early and you will improve a lot quicker. A few lessons from a good golf coach is always a good start.



  5. Kristian

    Since having kids, I have stopped playing golf but still occasionally get invited to weekend golf trips away with my friends.

    I usually buy Pro Vs but slicing them into the bushes is a very expensive business! I always find that finding the right balance between a ball that spins and one that goes straight is difficult for amateur golfers. We all want to spin the ball and hold it on the green, but perhaps we should settle for a less responsive ball to achieve greater directional consistency?

    1. Chris Post author

      Hi Kristian

      Thanks for your comments.

      There is nothing that says an amateur should not use a tour level golf ball. What needs to be considered is the amount of Spin a ball like the Srixon Z Star will put on the ball. This is fantastic around the greens for spin, but a lot of amateurs tend to slice the ball which is created by sidespin. The spin generated by a tour level golf ball will increase the slice, which is not good.

      It is entirely up to the golfer, but most single figure handicap players are consistent enough ball strikers to use a golf ball with a responsive urethane cover. If you are after an alternate check out the following link



  6. Bob

    I have done some golfing and i worked on a golf course years ago. I like golf, but i do have a bad slice so i turn my body to compensate. Maybe those new balls would help me. It is always good to know about the latest equipment and balls for golf out there. Thanks for sharing and teaching


    1. Chris Post author

      Hi Bob

      To be honest the Srixon Z Star Golf Ball will not help you much if you struggle with slicing the golf ball. The cover that is used on this specific ball will actually side spin more and increases a slice. A would recommended the Srixon Q Star Golf Ball Review. These golf balls are designed to reduce driver spin on mishits out on the golf course so shots don’t hook or slice as severely.

      Thanks for stopping by.  



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