Srixon Q Star 5 Golf Ball, Fifth Generation

Srixon Q Star 5 Golf Ball, Fifth Generation

Srixon Golf has long been one of the leaders in producing golf balls that are very forgiving and highly durable.

The Srixon Q Star 5 Golf Ball new edition is no exception and has been improved to make the game easier for the weekend golfer. This is the fifth generation of the very popular Srixon Golf Balls.

Why is the Srixon Golf Ball a Great Option?

The Srixon Q Star 5 Golf Ball is targeted at the mid handicap golfer who needs some forgiveness on off-centre hits.

Scientists and engineers from Srixon have developed a universally playable golf ball that brings technology innovation to every golfer. The Q Star golf ball delivers extra distance, straighter drives and outstanding accuracy. Srixon’s new Q Star technology is about versatility. It’s truly a breakthrough ball that nearly anyone will benefit from.

Srixon Q Star 5 Golf Ball, Fifth Generation

What are the Benefits of the Srixon Q Star 5 Golf Ball?

The Srixon Q star golf ball was created from the ground up to go further.

The premium Urethane cover is engineered to maximize distance off the tee and reduce spin off the driver and irons.

The patent-pending low compression core makes this one of our longest balls without sacrificing feel and greenside control.

Srixon has set the standard of excellence in golf ball design and craftsmanship. Srixon’s one-of-a-kind core is surrounded by a softer outer layer, combining to deliver longer distance, more accurate tee shots, and amazingly durable golf balls that win over tens of thousands of rounds. Srixon Q Star 5 will impress golfers on every shot.

You’ll never feel more at home on the course than when you’re playing with a Srixon Q Star 5 golf ball. Featuring a multi-layered cover that ensures tighter driving, longer straight shots and exceptional short game control, they are designed with the new Fast Layer core.

The New Srixon Q star 5 golf ball is designed for control and spin at your fingertips on a wide range of shots. The Energetic Gradient Growth core makes the ball fly higher, go farther and explode off the face.

Who is the Srixon Q Star Golf Ball For?

The only way to know the true potential of this ball is to hit it.

With lower spin off the driver, more consistent short game spin, plus longer distance and low driver spin on approach shots. It’s time for a better golf ball.

It is designed for the weekend golfer and the mid handicapper that needs a more forgiving golf ball.

The Q Star golf ball is designed with a new advanced core and cover to deliver distance with soft feel. This new unique dual core delivers low trajectory and a penetrating ball flight. Golfers will love the feel, responsiveness, and control this new technology provides. In addition, the dimple design of the Q Star ensures against wind drift for straighter shots.


If you love golf but are looking for a more affordable ball that can still provide distance off the tee, you’ve found it.

The Q-Star 5 is a premium golf ball that delivers more distance without the price tag.

Made for those whose game is about accuracy rather than about tearing up the fairway, the Q-Star features a lower compression core designed to give you an optimal level of soft feel and performance on every shot. This helps you develop confidence that will carry over to your short game as well.

Get all the distance you want with far less spin, so you hit more greens in regulation. Made for golfers who tend to slice the ball from right to left, Q STAR helps reduce sidespin by delivering a straighter shot.

The Q-Star brings improved control, even at high club speeds. Srixons engineering team has fine-tuned dimple design and cover formulation to deliver a more consistent ball flight. In addition, a softer compression core and harder mantle layer improve durability on unpredictable shots hit off centre, and the re-engineered Aerodynamics produce a higher, quicker flight for unmatched short game control.

Srixon Golf have long been known to make the game of golf easier and this ball is no exception.

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Srixon Golf also have a premium golf ball range which is the Z Star Golf Ball.

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