Callaway Sure Out Wedge – Review

Navigating bunkers can be a real challenge, especially for golfers finding their footing in the game. Maneuvering the ball through the sand and gracefully onto the green may seem like a cinch, but the reality is often far from it.

As someone who has spent considerable time on the golf course, I can attest to the common struggles golfers face, particularly beginners grappling with bunker shots. It’s an art that requires finesse and practice. Enter the Callaway Sure Out Wedge—a game-changer in the realm of golf equipment that I’ve had the pleasure of introducing to countless enthusiasts.

Crafted with precision and finesse, the Sure Out Wedge is not just a club; it’s a reliable ally in the quest for mastering bunker shots. While mastering the correct technique remains crucial for conquering bunker shots, having the right equipment can significantly reduce the frustration associated with sand traps. The Callaway Sure Out Wedge, in my experience, steps up to the challenge, offering a more forgiving approach that turns those once-dreaded bunker moments into opportunities for triumph.

Join me on a journey through this comprehensive Callaway Sure Out Wedge Review, where I’ll share insights gleaned from firsthand experience. We’ll delve into the key features and unparalleled benefits that make it the standout sand wedge in today’s competitive golf market. It’s time to elevate your bunker game and experience the game-changing prowess of the Callaway Sure Out Wedge.


Callaway Wide Sole

Callaway Sure Out Wedge Review

The Sure Out wedge features a wide sole with high bounce, which helps prevent the club from digging too deeply into the sand or turf. This design helps improve the club’s interaction with the ground, allowing golfers to glide through the sand and make solid contact with the ball.

The wide sole of the Sure Out Wedge makes it incredibly easy to get under the golf ball and slide the clubhead underneath the sand.

The wedge features a trailing overhang and a hollow cavity at the back for maximum forgiveness. The raised middle section of the sole helps golfers with versatility from most lies.

The Callaway Sand Wedge features a lot of bounce which is ideal for bunker shots and both soft sand and grass.

Large Face Area

The Sure Out Wedges features a large face area which is very forgiving for all those off center strikes. Golfers can strike the golf ball almost anywhere off the face and still get some pretty good feedback. This makes the Callaway Sure Out Wedges some of the best sand wedges for high handicappers on the current market.

Callaway Full Face Grooves

Seventeen full face grooves are featured on the face to provide maximum spin. An outside to in swing path is ideal for a bunker shot, so having full face grooves really helps because a lot of shots are struck near the toe area of the face.

This makes the club more forgiving and easier for golfers to achieve consistency for some of the more delicate shots.

Callaway Sure Out Wedge Review

Rounded Leading Edge

The rounded leading edge on the Top Rated Wedge makes it easy to get under the golf ball. Making sweet contact can also be achieved a lot easier when using this wedge.

This wedge is designed to be forgiving, offering golfers additional assistance on shots around the green. Its design aims to increase the margin of error, helping golfers of various skill levels achieve better results and improve their short game performance.

Wedge Specific Shafts

The Sure out wedge is available in the KBS 90 Wedge flex shaft which will provide the best control for most golfers. A UST Mamiya 65 gram graphite shaft is also available for those that prefer a lighter option.

Callaway Sure Out Specs

The Callaway Sure Out Wedge is available in both left and right-handed options. The two loft options are 58 degrees, or if you prefer to lob the ball straight up a 64-degree option is also available.

To learn a little bit more about specs on the sand wedges have a look at the specs on the Callaway Golf Website.

In the following video watch how easy it is for Teaching Professional Hank Haney to hit some basic pitch shots.


For all those golfers that tend to struggle out of bunkers, this wedge is certainly a winner and the best sand wedge for beginners.  The wide sole and full face grooves make it incredibly easy to get the ball out of the sand and also hit high lob shots off the grass. The Flop shot is also made a lot easier using this brilliant piece of equipment.

At the end of the day, the Callaway Sure Out is a golf wedge designed specifically to help golfers with shots from bunkers and other challenging lies around the green. It is engineered to provide forgiveness and make it easier to execute bunker shots, even for players with less experience or confidence in their short game.

Some of these shots are intimidating for most amateur golfers, so for all those golfers who feel they may need a little help out of the sand then this wedge is definitely worth considering.

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For more information and prices of Callaway Wedges, Click Here

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8 thoughts on “Callaway Sure Out Wedge – Review”

  1. This is really cool. I love to play golf. I always go golfing whenever i’m not at work. The only thing is that I’m not that very good lol. My swing is inconsistent and my equipment is very old. So I am definitely in the market for some new golf clubs, maybe it will even improve my swing. I am glad I came across this article, this is exactly what I’m looking for. Where is the best place to buy? Great review, definitely going to share this on facebook.

    • Hi Garrett

      I appreciate your comments.

      The Callaway Sure Out Golf Wedge is definitely a great option worth considering for all those shots around the greens. Check out the link on How to Choose Golf Clubs for some advice before you purchase your next set. 

      This wedge is available at most good golf retailers or a range of different online stores.

      Happy Golfing


  2. Hey Chris,
    I typically play golf anywhere from 3-5 times a year. I don’t consider myself an absolute disaster when it comes to hitting my wedges, but I wouldn’t call it pro either. I was wondering if you would recommend a club, such as this, to a guy like me who is an occasional / casual player? My buddies who I play with have suggested to me that I should upgrade my clubs. Thanks for your thoughts.

    • Hi Bill

      If you don’t have the time to practice and are after something easy to use around the greens the Callaway Sure Out Wedge is a great option. The club makes it very easy to get out of sand and also slide under the turf for pitch shots. 

      Definitely worth considering and also at a pretty decent price.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. As a golfer myself, I found your web page on the Callaway sure out wedge to be very informative and helpful to the average golfer. I play Callaway irons and this wedge would fit my set perfectly. The 58 degree and 64 degree options make it easier to hit with plenty of bounce like you said. I enjoyed the video with Hank Haney illustrating how to hit this wedge very much. Fair price on Amazon @ $119.99 for this product. Thanks

    • Hi Mick

      Great choice of golf clubs as Callaway Golf certainly are one of the leaders in innovation with golf club technology.

      The Callaway Sure Out Golf Wedge will help with both Bunker shots and pitch shots as mentioned in the video. A great option if you are after something easy to use around the greens.

      Happy Golfing


  4. Long ago, I lived near a golf course and the sound of sticks and flying balls was unique to hear. Your site has brought those memories back. And the golfers carrying their bags with what we called their golf clubs.

    So with great interest I have been reading your review on this typical Callaway Sureout Golf Wedge. This seems like a great wedge to help with consistency around the greens and inside bunkers.

    You are a great guide… and although I am not a golfer, it was a great pleasure reading your unique review.

    Thank you!

    • Hi

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Yes, the Callaway Sureout Golf Wedge is a great option to help golfers out of bunkers and also lobbing the ball up nice and high. It is very easy to use and players don’t even need to open up the face to achieve maximum height for a lob shot.




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