Titleist Velocity Golf Ball 2022, Long Distance

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball 2022, Long Distance

If you play a little bit of golf and are looking for a golf ball to help with distance, look no further than the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball.

Titleist is renowned for making top-quality golf balls, and the Velocity is no exception, with a primary focus on distance but some improvements in terms of feel.

Titleist makes a range of golf balls to suit golfers at different levels. The Titleist Velocity focuses on distance and direction for the mid to high-handicap players.

Golfers have loved the distance that can be achieved with the previous Velocity models, and some improvements have been made to the new model to make it even more appealing to golfers that may be after that distance edge.

Who Should use the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball?

The Titleist Velocity Golf Ball targets the golfer looking for a little more distance off the tee and may struggle to generate the desired clubhead speed to achieve maximum distance potential.

Mid-to-high handicap golfers would benefit from this golf ball, and some added improvements to the cover have made it more appealing for greenside control and feel.

Golfers that need the added benefit of extra distance, but don’t want to sacrifice control around the greens, should look into using this top-quality golf ball.

What are the Key Features of the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball?

A lot of the key features on golf equipment can seem confusing as they have techy names, but what they achieve is rather simplistic.

It may seem daunting when picking a golf ball with the enormous amount of tech used in some of the features, but it is not as complicated as it may seem.

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball 2022, Long Distance

High-Speed LSX Core

The core of the Titleist Velocity golf ball has been made a little firmer to help increase distance. The High-Speed LSX Core promotes a high launch and lower spin for the long game. This means that drivers, fairway woods and long irons will not generate as much spin, allowing golfers to hit the ball further.  

This golf ball has a higher compression core which helps golfers achieve their desired distance.

Companies like Titleist spend a lot of time on research and design, and they have developed a golf ball that will help the golfer launch the ball higher, but the less spin will help maintain a more piercing ball flight. High Launch and Low spin are one of the reasons why golf balls tend to fly further, and the Titleist Velocity golf ball is one of the best at achieving this.

The ball is engineered with a larger, higher-energy LSX core that generates fast initial velocity off the clubface. This core technology helps golfers achieve maximum distance and increased ball speed.

Fast NaZ+ Cover

The Fast NaZ+ Cover is the actual cover of the golf ball. This cover has been improved to help golfers control the ball around the green.

The cover has been designed to allow golfers to achieve distance, whilst not losing control around the greens.

The feel around the greens will not be something like the Titleist Pro V1 Models, but a golf ball like the Velocity will help reduce the severity of a mis-hit and won’t spin as much on some wayward golf shots.

A Titleist Pro V1 Golf ball uses a Urethane cover which helps generate spin, and many golf professionals need this for feel around the greens.

350 Octahedral Dimple Design

The Dimple pattern on the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball has been designed for a higher launch, but some other features help with less spin so that the ball will have a more penetrating flight.

This feature is a complicated name, but it is basically the dimples on the golf ball, and they have been tried and tested to help generate more distance for golfers.

Available in Four Colours

The Titleist Velocity Golf Ball is available in the traditional White Finish, but a few other colours are available.

Matte Orange, Matte Green and Matte Blue give golfers a few choices, but the most popular is always the White golf ball, which is easiest to see on the green grass of the fairways.

Coloured Golf Balls can be handy when golfers are in the bush a lot, as they are easier to spot. Golfers can also opt for a coloured golf ball to be a little different and help differentiate golf balls from their playing partners, rather than looking for markings or numbers.

How is the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball different to other Golf balls?

The Titleist Velocity Golf Ball is one of the market’s longest and lowest spinning golf balls. This makes it one of the leaders in distance and one of the most sought-after golf balls on the market for the golfer after extra distance off the tee.

The advanced core of the golf ball will make it more appealing to golfers after that extra distance and will help players keep up with their playing partners in terms of the length they may achieve.

Is the Titleist Velocity a Durable Golf Ball?

Titleist golf balls are some of the most durable on the market, and then Titleist Velocity is no exception. These golf balls are durable and designed to last on the golf course.

If a golfer continually goes in the bush and hits the trees, there will be several scuff marks, but these golf balls have been designed with durability in mind.

Do Professionals use the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball?

Most professional golfers that use the Titleist range of Golf Balls will opt for the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball. This is because it has a Urethane Cover that helps with spin and feel around the Greens. For Professional Golfers, the shots inside 100 yards are the most important and chipping, pitching, putting, and bunker shots are where tournaments are won and lost most of the time.

Professional Golfers don’t need a lot of forgiveness off the tee and need the feel around the greens.

The Velocity Golf Ball will not provide as much feel around the greens as the Pro V1 Golf Ball. The Pro V1 Golf Ball is great around the greens and will help generate spin, but spin is one of the key reasons that amateurs hook or slice the golf ball. Therefore, Velocity may be the better option.

Will I hit the Titleist Velocity Further?

This all depends on what golf ball you are currently using and what ability level you may now be at.

If you fit into the target market of the Velocity golf ball, it will help golfers hit the ball further, as it spins less and will fly higher and longer.

Titleist Velocity Product Details

Ball Construction 2-Piece
Handicap RangeMid – High
Ball FeelFirm

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball 2022, Long Distance


These golf balls feature a high-performance core, which is built right into the cover and lasts longer than ever. The Velocity brand golf ball was developed to provide added distance and long-lasting durability, while maintaining higher flight speed. As a result, great lengths are achieved with a minimal spin on your drives, pitches and putting greens.

Here is some information from Fredrick Waddell, Titleist’s director of golf ball product management

“This golf ball is fun for our team. We’re designing for a golfer looking for distance, allowing us to be singularly focused on speed and overall distance through the bag.
“We were able to achieve the performance goals of longer driver and iron distance while maintaining its high flight and greenside playability through the new and reformulated core and cover technology.”

The Golf Ball will still provide feel around the greens without sacrificing distance.

Whether you’re a hardcore golfer or a weekend warrior, distance is one of the most important traits to consider when purchasing new golf balls. That’s why the Velocity golf balls deliver the best feel, longest flight, and most consistent distance at every point on the golf course.

The Titleist Velocity golf ball is suitable for a wide range of golfers, including those with moderate to high swing speeds who prioritize distance without sacrificing control and feel. It is often preferred by players who want to maximize their driving distance while still maintaining greenside performance.

The Titleist Velocity golf balls are designed to give you the distance you need on the course, while remaining true to Titleist’s quality and performance standards.

For more information and a price, click the link on Titleist Velocity Golf Balls.

visit the Titleist Website to learn more.

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