Cobra Max Complete Golf Set

If you have just started golfing and after a quality set of golf clubs, one of the better options would be the Cobra Max Complete Golf Set. This set is targeted at beginners and a golfer who struggles a little with distance and consistency.

Cobra has always been one of the leaders in golf performance and game improvement. These clubs will set you on the right path to better golf.

Cobra Max Complete Set


Driver – One of the unique things about Cobra, is that they are one of the only companies that still make an offset driver. This means that the driver will help counteract the most common bad shot for beginners, which is the slice. The 460cc head is forgiving, and the offset closed face will help draw the golf ball. Perfect for a beginner, to help hit the fairways, and the 11.5 degrees of loft will make launching the ball in the air easy.

Fairway Woods – The fairway woods feature the same technology as the driver as they are both offset, which will help hit the draw golf ball. The three wood has 16 degrees of loft, and the five wood has 20 degrees. This means you should have no problems getting the golf ball to launch in the air with these clubs.

Hybrid Clubs – The set does not feature long irons, and that is a good thing for a beginner. It comes with a four, five and six hybrid ranging from 22 degrees to 28 degrees. These will be part of your irons, and they are more forgiving and also feature the same offset technology. Hybrid clubs are very easy to use and will become a club of choice, especially from the fairway.

Irons – The Cobra Max complete set comes with five irons to utilise for distance gapping. These are what we would call a game improvement iron as they are a perimeter weighted cavity back. This means they have a fairly large sweet spot which is perfect for a beginner. It also features Speed Channel Technology, which basically means that the trench across the sole, and around the perimeter of the iron will increase ball speed.

Cobra Max Iron

Putter – Most package sets do not come with the greatest putter out however, this one will get the job done. It does feature a decent alignment aid and pretty good grip handle.

Bag – The Cobra Max complete set does come with a pretty good cart bag with some common features. It is very light and designed to fit on most golf buggies. It has fourteen club dividers to separate each club in the bag. The insulated drinks pockets are ideal to keep drinks cool. If you still play when it rains, it does come with a rain hood to help keep your clubs dry.

This set of golf clubs is specifically designed for game improvement and to make the game easier. It has everything you need to make your time out on the golf course as pleasurable as can be.

For more information on the Cobra Max Complete Set and a price click here.

12 thoughts on “Cobra Max Complete Golf Set

  1. Peter

    Hi Chris,
    I’m an expert in struggling with consistency, lol.
    Can this set of clubs make me a better golfer? I believe you and will definitely look into them. It can’t hurt because right now I play the whole course and don’t get to see much short grass.
    I could use all the help I can get. I also need to get out and play more. I would love to get out at least 3 X a weeks to get better. When you buy new equipment it always feels like a fresh start. I think it’s time.
    Great review, thanks for this.

    1. Chris Post author

      Hi Peter

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Golf clubs are designed to be as forgiving as possible for a specific targeted golfer. If you are a high handicapper, and struggle with the dreaded slice, then the Cobra Max golf clubs can definitely help with consistency. Unfortunately no golf club will make you a better golfer. You will have to do a little bit of practice to get use to them, and gain some confidence. Sometimes a new set of golf clubs, and a few changes can work wonders for an individuals game.

      Best of luck in your next game of golfand let me know if you have any further questions.



  2. WMP

    This is a very informative review on the Cobra Max Complete Golf Set. I’ve never played Golf before but I’ve watched it on T.V. many times. Before reading this review I had no idea that there were Golf clubs made specifically for beginners. It looks like a fun sport, so how long have you been playing Golf?

    1. Chris Post author


      Thanks for dropping by.

      Yes, most companies will design golf clubs for specific ability levels. The Cobra Max Complete Set is a game improvement set targeted at both beginners, and experienced golfers who have trouble with a common bad shot known as the slice. These clubs can help with consistency.

      I’ve been playing golf for over 15 years and have also worked in the industry for over ten years.



  3. Chad

    The “slice” can really be hard to overcome as an amateur golfer like myself. I know from experience. I’ve tried many different things to limit or eliminate my slice but it has been hard to overcome. My softball swing isn’t helping the cause either I suppose. I will definitely consider this cobra set to switch over to if my budget allows it. According to your review it will help accommodate my not so perfect swing. Good article.

    1. Chris Post author

      Hi Chad

      I appreciate your comments.

      Yes the slice is definitely a common bad shot for most Amatuer golfers. It is mainly caused by incorrect technique. An outside inside swingpath, which is cutting across the ball,and an open clubface.

      These golf clubs can definitely help reduce the severity of a slice, but will fix no technique problems you may have. Getting lessons and practicing is always the best way to cure the slice.

      A great set of golf clubs though.



  4. Steve

    Hey Chris,

    I use to golf a lot with my grandfather before he passed. It was fun, until I started slicing the ball lol. I agree with what you said though, that changing or getting new clubs and making a few adjustments can do wonders. A few years ago I purchased a beginner set of golf clubs and I would practice keeping my eyes on the ball. I could tell the difference and it helped drastically with my game. Great site, keep up the good work!

    1. Chris Post author

      Hi Steve

      Thanks for your comments.

      Yes, the slice is a common bad shot for a lot of casual amatuer golfers. The Cobra Max Complete Golf Set has been designed specifically to help counteract that golf shot. It won’t fix the problem, because it is mainly a technique issue, but will help reduce the amount the ball slices.

      Good luck in your next game.


  5. James Harvey

    Would you recommend this over the Wilson brand? As I am a die hard Wilson lover. I have had a few issues with my stick as of late. I’m looking to try something else. I’m just looking for some expert insight on which brand I should purchase though. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Chris Post author

      Hi James

      Yes this specific Cobra Max Golf Set is a premium set of forgiving golf clubs. If your bad shots go left to right for a right handed player, then these would be a great option as they help counteract the slice. Cobra is a great brand to look into for an upgrade. If you are struggling to pick clubs you can check the following link


  6. Simon R C Thomas

    What a great review, as a professional caddie I have lost count of how many below average golfers I have seen with the best tour clubs in the bag which Tiger would have a problem hitting. Golf is a hard enough sport without the added hindrance of the wrong clubs and shafts.
    It is good to see somebody talking common sense on club reviews which target beginner’s to the game. I will be reccomending this site to others.

    1. Chris Post author

      Hi Simon

      I appreciate your comments.

      Yes, the Cobra Max Set is targeted more at the intermediate/beginner player who needs a golf club that will provide a little bit of forgiveness.

      Thanks for stopping by.



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