Equipment Needed to Golf – Beginners Guide


You are ready to start golfing, but are wondering what exactly is the equipment needed to golf and how much do I need.

First of all, there is not too much point in getting a brand new flashy set if you have not played much golf before. There are many great golf equipment deals and many places to find some of the best golf equipment online to suit a golfers needs.

However some of these clubs do make the game easier, so if you have the money it is suggested to invest in some of the better quality gear.

Top of the range golf equipment manufacturers spend a lot of money on Research and Design, and the goal with most sets of clubs is to make them as forgiving as possible.

This will make you more consistent on the golf course and also reduce the severity of your mishits.

Golf Clubs


First, you will need a full set of golf clubs.

Golfers can rent these at a golf course, but by the time you have played four or five times, you could have purchased a set.

Going for a full set is ideal because golfers will need all the clubs for distance gapping sooner rather than later.

The best golf clubs for beginners would be a package set of some sort. The pricing can range anywhere from $200 to $2000 depending on the quality you want and how much you want to spend.

Some of the big name brands include the range of Titleist Golf Clubs and Taylormade Golf Clubs. These are more on the higher end, but a Cobra Max Golf Set would also be ideal if players don’t want to spend too much.

Click on this link on How to Choose Golf Clubs to learn a little more about what is involved in picking the right set.

Golf Bag

A golfer has the option of the many golf bags that are out on the market with the main objective finding the best golf bag possible. 

Settling for the cheapest golf bag is not always the best idea as some of the cheap golf bags don’t have the best design and are not the most durable. Things to consider include the amount of pockets, full length dividers, a golf bag cooler pocket and some protection for the wet weather. 

A golfer has the option of a cart golf bag or a carry/stand bag.

A golf cart bag is great because it has a lot of room and will match well and fit into most golf carts. A stand golf bag is ideal because a player can carry it, and most have a velcro strap so the legs will not pop out whilst on a golf cart. 

Most golfers use cart bags, but stand/carry bags are popular for those who like to go to the driving range, and practice because they are easy to carry.

In terms of Brands, some of the more popular options include the Titleist Golf Bags and Callaway Golf Bags. These tend to be more expensive, but are a lot more durable compared to some of the less expensive models.

Some good mid-range brands to consider include the Srixon Golf Bags, Wilson Golf Bags and Cobra Golf Bags to name a few.

Check out the link for a Range of Golf Bags to consider.

Golf Buggy/Cart

When starting out, Golf Buggy Hire may be the best option to see if the game of golf is something you may wish to continue. Hiring a golf buggy can get a bit expensive if playing a lot, so investing in a good quality golf cart would be better than settling for one of the cheap golf carts.Equipment-needed-to-golf

There is a range of different golf buggies to choose from but, it is suggested to stay away from the cheap and nasty ones. These are not built to last and have a tendency to break within months. A golf cart needs to have good golf cart rims and good golf cart wheels to help get around the golf course easier.

The more popular options are the three-wheel carts. This is because a golfer can push them around the golf course, which is easier and puts less pressure on the back.

A golf cart buggy with a seat is also a good option to give golfers resting time whilst waiting for the group ahead to clear.

One of the better options is the Clicgear Push Cart, which has a strong frame and three wheels. There are a range of different designs and they last a lot longer compared to some of the other brands. Most good golf buggy manufacturers will also provide a range of golf buggy accessories to add as an extra.

The electric golf cart is also another consideration, but really not needed when starting out in the game of golf. 

Golf Balls

There is a huge range of golf balls to choose from, but it would be suggested to stick with some cheap golf balls when starting out.  These would be the best practice golf balls as buying expensive better quality balls could prove expensive in the initial stages.

Depending on where you are playing some golf courses have lakes and thick bushes, so golf balls are difficult to find on the odd occasion. Don’t spend too much money on the top golf balls, although the better more expensive balls definitely do have benefits once a golfer starts getting better and they have learned how to hit a golf ball.

Some of the better more forgiving golf balls include the Srixon Golf Balls. They have a range of golf balls which are considered the best golf balls for beginners and one of the better models to consider would be the Srixon Q Star Golf Ball.

To learn more about which type of golf ball to choose click the link on How to Choose Golf Balls.

There is also some information on the best golf balls for seniors. That’s if you are starting the game at a later age. A lower compression golf ball will be more forgiving and help with distance for the below average swing speeds.

For more information and some prices on Golf Balls, check out the link to Golf Balls.


Golf GloveEquipment-needed-to-golf

This one often gets neglected by beginners because they don’t want to look too serious in the initial stages of learning the game of golf.

The main purpose of the golf glove is to increase the feel in the top hand, but it also helps reduce blisters from practice.

It is highly suggested to get a decent golf glove as a golfers hand will not be used to gripping a golf club constantly and they may suffer from blisters.

There are leather golf gloves and synthetic golf gloves to choose from.

The Cabretta Golf Gloves which are leather, offer the greatest feel but do not necessarily last the longest. Synthetic golf gloves tend to be a little less expensive and may be the better option when starting out. There is also the cadet golf glove which is for golfers with shorter fingers, so there is a glove to suit every individual.

One of the best golf gloves for durability is the Mizuno Golf Glove and they would be ideal if you do not want to spend too much money because they last a lot longer.

Men’s Golf Gloves and Ladies Golf Gloves are available in several different brands and are essential to playing better golf.

Golf Accessories

These include tees, ball marker, pitch mark repairer and a towel. This is a simple one and you will need some tees to tee off with, and a ball marker to mark your golf ball on the green. 

A pitch mark repairer is used to repair pitch marks on the green. Your more experienced playing partners will respect you around the course a lot faster if you repair these, simply because not a lot of golfers do it. The golf towel is used to clean your golf clubs. A golfer can purchase most golf accessories online.

Optional Extras


A golfer could also look at getting the following, but they really don’t need them just yet. These are things that might be worth purchasing once they start improving and their game is more consistent. A golf club cleaning kit is worth mentioning as it is important to keep the grooves and overall look of the golf clubs in tact.

Golf Club Cleaning Tool– This tool is relatively cheap and is used to clean all the dirt out of the grooves of your irons and wedges. Most accomplished players will do this, especially with wedges as it increases the chances of spinning the ball. It is also known as a golf club cleaning brush.

Golf Shoes – Golf shoes provide your feet with a lot of support and dynamic balance during the golf swing.

They are fantastic for walking in grass and are generally quite comfortable. They also feature spikes, which much like a football boots provide more stability. This will allow you to transfer your weight a lot easier and give your golf swing more balance. 

From Skechers golf shoes, to Adidas golf shoes and the ever popular Footjoy Golf Shoes, there is a style of shoe to suit your game for comfort and performance. The best golf shoes are the ones that are comforatable and the perfect fit.

Golf Attire – A lot of golf courses will require you to wear at least a collared shirt to play golf. Some private clubs require full attire, and It would be recommended to check the golf courses dress code before you proceed to the course to avoid having to buy expensive attire at the golf course.

There is a stack of fashionable ladies golf attire and men’s golf attire to suit all individuals wishing to enjoy the golf course.

Golf GPS – The first few of these that were made were very hit and miss and were quite inaccurate. The GPS system has come along way, and now golfers can get accurate distance measurements on a golf gps watch or on a handheld GPS. This is something to consider to make club selection a lot easier in the near future.

The best golf gps is one that helps a golfer decide which golf club to use based on yardages. One of the best brands is the Garmin Golf GPS with the Garmin S60 Golf watch leading the way in terms of performance. The Garmin Golf GPS Devices are second to none when it comes to golf technology.

Golf Rangefinder – Much like the GPS these are used to scope the distance to the flag by doing it yourself. You point the rangefinder directly at the flag, and it will give you an accurate measurement.

It would be suggested to avoid buying the cheap options with these as they really are not that accurate. The more expensive ones have a better scope, visibility, and magnification. A good model is the Bushnell Golf Rangefinders and their Pro X2 Model is one of the best.

Another thing to consider once you start getting more consistent and confident with golfing.

Golf Swing Analyser – These gadgets are designed to show you some swing characteristics including swing path and clubhead speed. They are great to check clubhead speed, launch angle, and swing path. Once again this is something more advanced, but can really help you improve once you start gaining more confidence with your ball striking.

Check out the link to learn more about Golf Swing Analysers and get some prices.

That is pretty much all the equipment you will ever need to play golf, although there are many different types to choose from in each category they will all do the same thing. Some are better than others so it all comes down to the quality you are after and how much you are willing to spend.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below.


12 thoughts on “Equipment Needed to Golf – Beginners Guide”

  1. hi. nice post. very informative. not sure how much i will buy but, a few questions though.

    GOLF GLOVES – you say it is good to get golf gloves. initially i was thinking do i really need one? you say it is to reduce blisters (i thought it may be to get better grip in general), however, as you say it is for blisters reasons, which glove would be good to avoid blisters?

    are all gloves the same or are one better than the other? and for blisters reasons, if one is better than the other then, how can you differentiate when buying? thank you.

    GOLF BAG SET – i never bought one. are they heavy with the full load of clubs? roughly how heavy would they be?

    GOLF GPS – just wodering. never seen professionals use it. do they?

    • Hi Arif

      Thanks for your comments.

      A golf glove will both increase feel and reduce blisters. If you are just starting out a cheap one would be fine because you want to get use to the feeling of having a glove on. A leather glove provides great feel but some of the synthetic gloves will last a little longer and provide better protection against blisters.

      The golf bag will never normally be more than 10 kilograms or 22 pounds with just your clubs in there. It all depends how many golf balls and other extras you will be carrying.

      As for the Golf GPS. Professionals can not use these in tournaments as it is against the tournament rules. They have to rely on their Caddy being their personal GPS. They are fine to use for amateurs and also in club competitions.



  2. I was wondering when should I consider upgrading my my golf clubs to a better set? How do I determine what brand is better than the others? Should I buy multiple wedges or is a pitching wedge good enough? I see that a range finder can be expensive. At what point is having a range finder worth it?

    • Hi Alan

      Thanks for your reply.

      Upgrading your golf clubs to a better set depends on how much you are golfing and the current quality and performance of your current set.

      As for Brands, most of the top of the range manufacturers will bring out specific clubhead styles based on different target markets. Your big name brands are all going to perform well but it all depends on what golf ability you are at and how much you are willing to spend.

      You will need multiple wedges and just about all Iron sets will come with a pitching wedge. Most professionals carry at least 3 wedges and some up to 4. I would recommend at least a 54 or 56 degree Sand Wedge and a 60 Degree Lob Wedge in your bag. These clubs are very handy out of the sand and around the greens for chipping and pitching.

      Yes the Rangefinders can be expensive but as the price goes up you will get better quality visibility and magnification. The accuracy in measurements from the brands like Bushnell and Leupold are also incredibly accurate. I would recommend getting a Rangefinder once you start gaining confidence hitting your golf clubs the distance they should be hit. This will start happening once you start shooting in the 80s for 18 holes.


      Anymore questions let me know.


  3. Hi Chris! I was looking into golf (I’m going to get back to it as I retired this year) and I came across your site. You offer some good information about equipment. I bought a low-end set nearly 35 years ago and I thinkit’s time to upgrade. Do you have any suggestions for a good intermediate set for an old lady? 🙂 I enjoyed visiting your site and hope to hear from you soon!

    • Hi Robin

      I appreciate your comments.

      The great thing about golf is that you are never really too old to continue playing or start playing 🙂

      As for the clubs the technology has changed a lot in the last 10 years let alone the last 35. A new set of golf clubs will be easier to hit and also provide better performance. If you are after a lower end price point the Callaway Ladies Strata Set was always a popular and reliable option. If you are after something a little better quality the Callaway Ladies Solaire clubs have always been a fantastic option.

      I hope this helps

      Any further questions let me know.


  4. Hello Chris,

    I have only played golf twice and that was back when I was fifteen years old. I just wanted to experience what it feels like. Back then, we were not being told what are the necessities. I even wore shorts to the golf course. I might give it a try with an investment of getting some apparels. Maybe not the GPS but thanks for sharing out the latest updates which are quite important for those who consider golf as hobby.

    • Hi Tar

      I appreciate your comments.

      Yes most golf courses will have some sort of dress code but generally as long as you have a collared shirt and don’t wear jeans you will get on to many public courses.

      If you are starting out you don’t need all the gear just the basics.

      I am glad my article helped you out.



  5. Chris,

    Have played for many years, never did play often enough to get any good. Stopped playing about ten years ago when my playing partner moved 300 miles away. I am now retired and am looking to start to play a little at the local course. I do have several sets of clubs, even my first set of Billy Maxwells with wooden headed clubs. What kind of exercises would you recommend for an older person who does not want to pull anything starting out golfing again.


    • Hi John

      Great to hear you are keen to get back into some golfing. Yes Golf Fitness is actually pretty important and will help reduce injuries. The Golf Swing is not a natural movement and will put some excessive loads on the body. There are many golf fitness programs out there these days but if you are after something simple here is a link to a quick YouTube video for some basic stretches.

      I appreciate your comments.


  6. Hi! Nice post and very useful!! You provide information about everything a beginner need in order to start his/her golf journey. Many people (like me) think that a golf club and a ball are enough but with this post I can organize an entire set of things that I need to play golf as a pro.
    Maybe you can add some link in each paragraph where a person can find the better tool on the market!
    But anyway, great post!

    • Hi Nik

      Thanks for your comments.

      This is all the equipment that a golfer really needs when they venture out on the golf course. These are the essentials, but as I posted there are a range of optional extras as golfers gain more experience.




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