How to Spin a Golf Ball, The Secrets

You’ve probably watched the golf before and wondered how do professionals do that? What are the secrets on How to Spin a Golf Ball?

There a two main parts in which better players achieve this unique golf skill.

They are using the correct equipment and implementing sound golf technique. The Best-Rated golf balls are also designed for a player to deliver optimum spin.


The very first thing a golfer needs to spin the golf ball is the correct equipment.

Without a decent lofted golf wedge, and a tour-level golf ball with a solid urethane rubber cover, this cannot be achieved.

Callaway Wedge

Choosing the right golf ball is crucial for generating spin. Look for balls designed specifically to offer high spin rates, typically categorized as “tour” or “performance” balls. These balls often have softer covers, which allow for better grip and spin on the clubface.

A top-quality golf wedge with grooves on the face designed to increase spin will help with spinning the golf ball.

A tour-level golf ball with a urethane rubber cover is also needed to achieve maximum spin on the golf ball.

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Solid Fundamentals and Technique

Putting backspin on the Golf ball is not easy and it takes a lot of practice and patience. Without the correct fundamentals and equipment, it is simply impossible.

The golf ball is a lot easier to spin on full shots because we have no trouble in creating the most important factor, which is clubhead speed. Clubhead Speed along with great contact will impart a lot of backspin on the golf ball.

These are the most important factors when trying to figure out how to get backspin on a golf ball.

How do we create that same golf ball backspin for the shorter pitch shots?

Consider the following tips, and with a bit of practice and patience, you will have all the tools required to spin that golf ball.

Solid contact between the ball and the clubface is essential. Make sure to strike the ball with the club’s grooves to maximize grip and friction. Dirt, grass, or moisture on the clubface can reduce spin, so keep your clubs clean and dry.

Open Golf Stance

Open your golf stance slightly to get a slight Outside to Inside swing path.

Basically, you want to be aimed slightly left of the target. This is because we want to swing the club on the line of our feet which will promote a slight outside in swing path and help spin a golf ball.

Ball Position

Place your ball position ever so slightly back in your stance. Use a narrow golf stance, which will give you great control as opposed to a wider golf stance. The below video at the end of the post will help better understand how to put spin on a golf ball.

Open the Clubface

To achieve spin a golfer needs to open the clubface slightly. A golfer can still spin the ball with a square face, but opening the face up will help optimize how much spin the want to impart on the ball for the shorter pitch shots.

Clubhead Speed

You need clubhead speed to achieve spin and this can be achieved by using very soft hands.

When a golfer hears the expression “Clubhead Speed” their initial thought is to grip the club tight and hit the ball as hard as they can.

Clubhead Speed can be increased just by gripping the club that little softer. Keep the hands soft and with practice spinning the ball can be achieved.

Maintain a smooth and accelerating swing through the impact zone. Avoid decelerating or “scooping” at impact, as it can reduce spin. Let your follow-through be complete, extending your arms and club toward the target.


Keeping everything simple and not thinking about too much will help achieve success in the area of how to spin the golf ball.

You simply want to practice and not think about too much whilst working on this. Solid technique and fundamentals are very important. This is only half of it so don’t even bother trying until you have a decent wedge and the best spinning golf ball.

One of the most important parts to consider once you have the technique down and are using the correct gear is keeping those hands incredibly soft. Grip the club softly and let the club generate enough speed to spin the ball.

For more information on golf balls, have a look at our post on How to Choose a Golf Ball.

Keeping the hands soft is very important in generating enough clubhead speed for the ball to spin.

If you are struggling a little bit with the short game, have a look at out posts on How to Chip a Golf Ball and How to Play a Bunker Shot.

In the below video watch how easy 2017 US Masters Champion Sergio Garcia spins the golf ball on this pitch shot.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have below.

6 thoughts on “How to Spin a Golf Ball, The Secrets”

  1. Very nice infromation you provide here Chris. I still can’t to this day hit a golf ball… if i ever find myself on a golf course again i’ll try to implement the things you have said. I only hope that there is no one behind me, beacuse i’m dangerous… keeping everything simple is really your best advice. Many times i overthink and can’t get started at all!

    • Hi

      Thanks for stopping by.

      This is actually one of the hardest shots to learn in golf. Make sure you have the correct equipment before giving this one a shot otherwise you will have a tough time with it.

      It’s all practice.



  2. Hi Chris. Thanks for great tips. I have only recently taken up Golf as a hobby. I have bought an old Spalding Golf set from a friend. I doubt if it would do the trick when it comes to spinning the ball, but I am going to give it a try.

    Do you have any advice for a beginner? 1 Good tip will be great.



    • Hi Rita

      Thanks for your comments.

      The correct equipment and golf ball is needed to spin the golf ball. When starting out in golf, make sure you get your grip, aim and setup correct. Getting these things correct at the early stages makes learning the golf swing a lot easier.

      Good luck with your golf.



  3. Hi Chris,
    I am not an expert golfer but I have seen golfers hitting high and observed the balls landing and stopping dead with a touch of backspin. I had no idea how this was done.

    I Can’t wait to hit the driving range now.

    Thank you for this post!

    • Hi Howard

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Spinning the golf ball does take a bit of practice, but with the correct equipment and technique it can certainly be done as shown by the many golf professionals we all watch on the tv.

      Enjoy your Golf




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