What is a Golf Shaft?

What is a Golf Shaft?

If you have played golf or wondered about some of the gear, you may have asked what is a golf shaft?

In simple terms, a Golf shaft is a term given to the long stick that has a clubhead at one end and a grip at the other end used by people to play golf.

A Golf Shaft is an essential component of a golf club that helps a golfer control the direction and trajectory of a golf ball.

Golf has been played for a long time, and a golf shaft has been around even longer than that.

A golf shaft is the part of a golf club that players hit the ball with. In modern-day golf, it’s composed of metal or graphite, but it started with just wood.

The Wooden shaft was known as the Hickory shaft, and most golf clubs shafts were made out of wood in the initial stages of the game.

The title “wood” for golf woods comes from its original construction, which was made out of actual wood.

The shaft or the exclusive golf club consists of 3 elements. The shaft, grip and the clubhead.

A golf shaft is basically made of steel or graphite and describes the main part of a golf club that hits the ball in your desired direction.

What is a Golf Shaft?

What Does a Golf Club Shaft Do?

A golf shaft, aka a golf club shaft, is one of the main components that accurately helps you hit a ball.

The shaft transfers energy and power to the ball through what is referred to as the clubhead. Made of steel or graphite, a player must be using the correct golf shaft in their golf clubs, to reach their optimum skill level.

During the golf swing, the golfer applies force to the clubhead through the shaft. The shaft acts as a conduit, transmitting the energy generated by the golfer’s swing to the clubhead, which then transfers it to the golf ball at impact. The efficiency with which the shaft transmits this energy can impact factors such as distance, accuracy, and feel.

Are Golf Club Shafts Expensive?

The shafts are made from many different materials, each having its own features and performance. They can be found in a range of prices.

Some of the more expensive lines offer golf clubs shafts that are premium quality and produce an optimum performance for golfers of all ability levels. 

Golf Club shafts vary in quality, with some graphite options being top quality and relatively expensive.

What are the Differences between Steel and Graphite Shafts?

Shafts can be split into two main types, Steel and Graphite. Steel shafts are generally heavier and offer more control and a lower trajectory, while graphite shafts are lighter and provide more flexibility, generating higher launch angles and potentially greater distance.

Steel shafts have been around since the early days of golf. Invented in the 1800s, amateur and professional golfers commonly use steel shafts today. The biggest downside to a steel shaft is that it’s heavier, but it promotes more control for slightly faster clubhead speeds.

When using graphite, the lightness allows for better clubhead speed and control depending on a players strength. A Graphite Shaft will create improved distance by accelerating the ball faster through impact.

There is a massive range of graphite shafts from leading manufacturers to help you achieve your best swing every time.

Most golf irons will be steel shafts for control, and most woods will be graphite for distance.

Basically, graphite shafts are lighter for distance and steel shafts are heavier for control.

What is the Main Purpose of a Golf Shaft?

A golf shaft extends from a club’s grip to the clubhead.

The shaft and its components are engineered to withstand high-impact stress, while delivering optimal energy transfer to the ball.

The design and manufacturing of golf clubs has evolved through the past century into today’s many varieties, in order to improve durability, distance and precision of play.

Do Golf Shafts come in Different Lengths?

The length of a golf shaft can vary depending on the purpose and type of golf shaft. Golf Shafts come in different lengths based on a players height and the exact wrist to floor, or lie angle they need.

Generally, golfers who are taller will need a custom fitting to get golf clubs suited to their height and wrist to floor measurement.

Do Golf Shafts come in Different Weights?

Golf Shafts will vary based on weight, with irons generally having heavier steel shafts and woods having lighter graphite shafts.

Generally, the faster a player can swing the club, the firmer and heavier they will need their golf shaft to suit their swing.

Most golf clubs come in a range of suitable shafts in terms of weight, length, torque level and kick points.


Golf shafts are the hollow, central part of the golf club that sticks out from the grip, and connects to the clubhead.

They are the sole connection between your body, arms, and the ball. Choosing the right golf shaft involves considering factors such as swing speed, playing style, and personal preference. Many golfers work with club fitters or professionals to determine the most suitable shaft characteristics to optimize their performance on the course.

To play your best game, you need a golf shaft you can count on, so it is always a good idea to get fitted.

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