What is a Golf Tee?

What is a Golf Tee?

Golf is a game that requires a lot of equipment in order to play the great game.

A golfer will need clubs, golf balls, a golf bag, and there are many accessories required.

One of those accessories is a golf tee used 18 times during a golf round.

If you are new to the game of golf and have watched golfers tee their ball up on the tee box, you might wonder why a golf tee is even needed?

What is a Golf Tee, you might ask yourself?

A golf tee is a small, wooden or plastic peg that is used to support a golf ball so that it can be struck more efficiently with lower lofted golf clubs.

The primary purpose of a golf tee is to provide a stable and consistent platform for the golfer to place the ball at the desired height. By teeing the ball up, it becomes easier for the golfer to strike the ball cleanly and achieve better distance and control.

The golf tee is most commonly made of wood, but may also be made of plastic or rubber. Tees are cheap, tiny and straightforward to use, making them disposable for the most part — when out on the course, you simply discard any broken tees in the garbage.

What is a Golf Tee?

Why do I need to Use a Golf Tee?

A Golf Tee is needed to tee the ball up and hit a driver on the required ascending angle of approach.

For example, to get the ball in the air with a driver, a golfer needs to hit the ball on the upswing, and a tee helps achieve this.

The golf tee’s use is to be placed at the position where the ball needs to be played from.

The golf tee allows for the ball to be elevated higher than the grass level below so that it doesn’t get stuck in the grass, and you can make a proper golf stroke.

It also makes for a more direct strike on the ball without resistance from the ground beneath.

A golf tee is designed to give you a better golf ball flight trajectory and allow for cleaner contact on the tee box.

The height at which the ball is teed up can vary depending on personal preference and the club being used. Golfers generally use longer tees for drivers and other clubs with larger heads, allowing them to hit the ball higher off the tee. For shorter irons or tee shots on par-3 holes, golfers may use shorter tees or even choose to hit the ball directly off the ground without a tee.

What are the best Golf Tees?

Most golf drivers have a more oversized than average clubhead with an overall size of around 460 cubic centimetres.

The best tees for a driver would be long enough so that half the ball is above the top line of the driver in the address position.

Most golf tees are wooden or plastic, but the ones made more durable are the best golf tees because they last longer, and golfers are not forever buying tees.

Are Driver Tees Different?

Driver tees are essentially a little bit longer compared to tees that would be used for irons on a par 3. Therefore, step tees are ideal for a golf driver because they can indicate the exact height a golfer should tee their ball up.

Can I Use a Golf Tee on the Fairway?

There is only one place a golfer can use a golf tee, and that is on the tee box on each golf hole on the golf course. If a golfer plays an 18 hole round of golf, they will use a tee 18 times.

Golfers cannot use a tee on the fairway and tee up their ball. Instead, they must play the ball as it lies on all occasions.

If you are a beginner and not counting scores, it can be an option for learning the game, but understanding the game the correct way is ideal in the initial stages to get used to the many rules in the game.


A golf tee is a small peg that can be used as a base to prop up a golf ball and hit the ball on the desired ascending angle of approach.

It is an essential piece of equipment needed to play the game, and all gofers should fill their golf bags with spare tees.

Golf tees come in many different designs and types, and it pays to experiment with a few other tees to find the ones you may prefer using.

It’s important to note that the use of tees is limited to the tee box, which is the designated area on each hole where the tee shot is played. Once the tee shot is taken, subsequent shots are played from the fairway or other parts of the course without the use of a tee.

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