What is a Golf Ball Marker?

What is a Golf Ball Marker?

If you have played a little bit of golf and have noticed golfers marking their golf balls around the green, you might wonder what it is they are using?

A Golf Ball Marker is used to mark a golfer’s ball on the golf green and not interfere with an opposing golfer’s line of sight on the putting green.

A golf ball marker is a small, ordinarily rounded item that usually stays in a golfers pocket. Some golfers use a small coin to mark their golf balls, and golf companies have made many fancy and stylish ones that can be used throughout a golf round.

What is a Golf Ball Marker?

When Is a Golf Ball Marker Used?

The Golf Ball Marker is used whenever a golfer is on a putting green to mark the exact position of their golf ball. The marker is placed on the ground, and the ball is removed. The golfer then puts the ball in front of the marker and then lines up their putt.

Golf Ball markers are used to not interfere with a playing partner’s line of sight, so golf balls don’t ricochet off each other on the putting green.

The purpose of a ball marker is to ensure that the golfer can replace the ball exactly where it was without any confusion or dispute about its position on the green.

Why are some Golf Ball Markers Bigger Than Others?

Golf ball markers vary in size, but the best ones are flat and have a pointy end that digs into the ground and lays flat on the green.

Some Golf Ball markers are souvenir types and tend to be bigger than others, although they can frustrate fellow playing partners if they interfere with a golfer’s line of sight.

Do I have to Use a Golf Ball Marker?

If you are playing a casual round of golf with some friends, then a golf ball marker is not necessary but recommended for better etiquette on the putting green.

A golf ball marker is needed to mark a golfers ball during competitions or tournaments and not interfere with playing partners.

Golf is a game with a strong emphasis on etiquette and sportsmanship. Using a ball marker demonstrates respect for the game, your fellow golfers, and the course. It shows that you understand and follow the rules and customs of golf.

Do Professionals Use Ball Markers?

All golf professionals must carry a golf ball marker and mark their golf balls throughout a professional tournament. You will notice that they spend quite a bit of time on the golf green and will usually line their golf ball up on the line they want their golf ball to start after reading the golf green many times.

In 1952 the USGA changed the rules to allow the marking of golf balls on the putting surface. Prior to this, if a golfers ball was in the way, a golfer had to putt around it, which was not fair.

Marking the golf ball on the golf green is now a common rule and part of the game traditions.

Where Can I Buy a Golf Ball Marker?

If you don’t want to buy a golf ball marker, many golfers use a small coin. Many fancy or simple golf ball markers can be found at Golf Retail Outlets or Golf Courses.

Many resort-style golf courses will have souvenir style ball markers that can be purchased in their golf shops.

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