Why do Golf Drivers have Headcovers?

Why Do Golf Drivers Have Headcovers?

If you have not played a lot of golf before, you may have seen some fancy covers that cover golfers drivers or woods.

You may ask yourself, Why do Golf Drivers Have Headcovers?

In simple terms, a driver will have a headcover to protect it from making contact with the other clubs in the bag. This helps prevent the woods from scuff marks and kinks and gives the clubs more protection.

What is the Purpose of Golf Driver Headcovers?

A golf driver headcover aims to keep the clubs clean and damage-free while they’re not in use. Golfers typically have more than one metal wood in their bag. This means that the clubs could scratch or hit each other whilst in the golf bag, so it is essential to have a headcover to protect the woods.

Golf Driver headcovers also help distinguish which club is which and gives the club a distinct visual point of difference whilst in the golfer’s bag.

Why do Golf Drivers have Headcovers?

What is with the Fancy Golf Headcovers?

You may have seen some golfers have some of the more fancy headcovers in their bags. These range from cartoon characters, movie actors and favourite sporting teams. There are many fancy headcovers that golfers can use to cover their golf woods.

Most branded golf clubs will have their cover that comes with purchasing wood or a driver.

Do all Golf Companies make Golf Headcovers?

Most golf manufacturers will make a specific branded Golf Headcover that matches the particular driver or wood being purchased.

Where can I buy a Golf Driver Headcover?

Golf Driver Headcovers can be purchased separately, but most of them will come with a specific name branded headcover at the point of purchase.

Do they make Covers for Golf Irons?

Golfers do have the option of purchasing covers for their golf irons, but these are less common than wood headcovers. They will give golf irons more protection, but golf iron covers need to be purchased separately at the point of sale, as they do not come with covers.


Protection for the clubs seems the most sensible reason for using a driver headcover. Most believe that their purpose was to protect the clubface and shaft. Others, however, speculate it was more about aesthetics. According to the latter theory, only wealthy individuals, had the time or money to play golf. These golfers enjoyed dressing for everything in life and didn’t want their drivers left behind in a garage or on a dusty shelf.

Are you a little confused about why some of your clubs have headcovers? No, it’s not just to cover up the driver’s head. It’s used to maintain the integrity of your club’s head by keeping them clean. The best drivers have oversized heads made of different materials that are generally smaller than iron heads and can quickly get damaged. You can find it on the course, especially when hitting from rough or high grass conditions or any other debris.

We see golfers with headcovers on their drivers all the time. But for those unfamiliar with them, headcovers are designed to protect the crown of a driver from nicks, scratches and other damage. So it just makes sense that you put a cover on something expensive, so it doesn’t get damaged while not in use.

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