Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls – Review

In the realm of golf, the pursuit of the perfect premium golf ball is a quest for that elusive combination of distance and feel, forging a path toward unwavering consistency.

Enter the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls, a stellar choice that seamlessly marries the art of feel around the green with the science of unparalleled distance. Having spent considerable time selling golf products, I’ve seen firsthand the discerning eyes of players seeking that ideal blend of performance and affordability.

If you’re on the hunt for a premium tour golf ball that doesn’t break the bank, indulge me in this brisk yet insightful Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls Review. Let’s unravel the magic of these golf balls known for their exceptional distance, exquisite feel, and precise control—a trifecta that sets them apart in the world of premium golf. Elevate your game without compromising on quality—because why settle when you can have it all?


Callaway Dual Softfast Core

The Dual SoftFast Core on the Chrome Soft Golf Ball is what separates this ball from some of its competitors.

A low compression golf ball is normally more targeted at the slightly average to slower swing speeds. Callaway Golf has managed to create a Dual Core on this model to help with distance and compression for less spin off the tee. The ball also compresses a lot on iron shots for more control and spin.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball

This design includes a larger inner core that reduces spin off the tee for longer distances, while the outer core helps maintain a soft feel and control around the greens.

Callaway Four-Piece Construction

The Dual Fast Core on the Chrome Soft Golf Balls are the first two pieces of this ball.

It also features two other important features, which are the Mantle and the Urethane cover.

The Mantle helps retain the energy of the core to achieve the desired ball flight. It also really helps provide spin and control with some of the scoring clubs.

The Tour Urethane cover is what helps generate spin and feel around the greens with the wedges and short irons.

This rubber cover reacts really well with the grooves on the clubface of a golf club to help generate the desired amount of spin and feel.

The golf balls have a durable urethane cover that provides excellent spin control. The urethane cover allows the ball to generate ample spin on approach shots, helping to stop the ball quickly on the greens.

Four Design Options

These new Callaway Golf Balls are designed in the Traditional White finish and also Yellow for better visibility.

Callaway has also introduced Truvis Technology for increased focus and visibility around the golf course. These balls are easier to spot and allow for a much sharper focus on the golf ball. They come in white with a red pattern and yellow with a black pattern.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball

Targeted at which Golfer?

These Callaway Golf Balls would be targeted at a more consistent ball striker who likes the feel of a soft ball off the tee and incredible feel around the greens.

The Dual SoftFast Core has been designed for average to faster swing speeds and has been known to be consistently longer than some of the other tour level balls on the market. The Urethane cover provides exceptional feel around the greens and makes this one of the best Callaway Golf Balls on the market.


Callaway Golf has created a fantastic golf ball here with some very innovative features making it one of the best tour golf balls on the market.. It is long off the tee and suits the majority of more consistent ball strikers. The Truvis balls are not for everybody, but can certainly help focus on the golf ball.

Definitely worth a try, and one of the top rated golf balls available.

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