Golf Alignment Sticks, A Must have Training Aid

Golf Alignment Sticks, A Must have Training Aid

The game of golf is enjoyable but requires practice and repetition to get better and more skilled at the game.

With some Golf Training Aids and some practice, a Golfer can get better at the game much faster. There are many golf training aids, but beginner and intermediate golfers often ignore the Golf Alignment Sticks.

What is a Golf Alignment Stick?

A golf alignment stick is a long, thin rod made of fibreglass or a lightweight material. It is a training aid to help golfers improve their alignment, swing plane, and overall ball striking.

To use an alignment stick, a golfer typically places it on the ground in front of their feet while they address the ball. The stick should be positioned parallel to the target line or the direction the golfer wants the ball to go. This helps the golfer align their feet, hips, and shoulders correctly, resulting in better shots and more consistency.

A golf alignment stick can also be used to help a golfer achieve the correct ball position for any given shot by placing the stick between their feet.

Aiming in golf can be frustrating to learn as sometimes we have no idea that our feet are aimed way left or right of the target. Furthermore, if a golfer practices with the incorrect golf setup and aim, it will encourage a lot of swing faults to creep into the golf swing, which becomes more difficult to fix later.

Golf Alignment Sticks, A Must have Training Aid

What are the Benefits of a Golf Alignment Stick?

A Golf Alignment Stick has many benefits, but the main benefit is ensuring that a golfer is aimed at the target correctly. If a golfer is aimed at the target precisely, with the feet, hips and shoulders, it will give them a greater chance of hitting the golf ball on the desired target line.

The correct golf grip, aim and Golf Setup should be learned before a beginner golfer sets foot on a golf course. This will help ensure that the golfer has the best possible chance to reach their potential and pave the way for a more fluid and consistent golf swing.

With the use of a Golf Alignment Stick a golfer will have better alignment, better swing plane, more ball speed and increased accuracy.

Beginner golfers often ignore the setup for the golf swing, but poor aim in the initial stages of learning the game will pave the way for swing faults to creep in.

A Golf Alignment Aid will give a golfer the best chance to swing the golf club in a synchronized way with the body and make it more challenging for swing faults to overtake the golf swing.

Who should use a Golf Alignment Stick?

Golfers of all ability levels should use a Golf Alignment Stick as the setup is vital to the golf swing. From beginners to intermediate players to professionals, there are many benefits to using this training device.

Sometimes even a simple adjustment to a player’s golf setup can give them more consistency and a greater chance to get the ball near the pin.

Do Professional Golfers Use a Golf Alignment Stick?

If you have ever attended a professional golf event, you would have noticed many professional golfers use various training aids while practising on the driving range.

Professional Golfers use a Golf Alignment Stick to ensure the feet, hips and shoulders are correctly aimed at the target.

The golf swing is an automatic and athletic movement for professional golfers, so one of the most vital things they can check is their Golf Setup. They have a consistent golf swing, so aim becomes one of their most critical tools for shooting their lowest possible score.

Will a Golf Alignment Stick make me a Better Golfer?

Yes, the Golf Alignment Stick will make you a better golfer, but you need to practice the golf setup as much as you can, which will give you an excellent chance of reaching your golf potential.

The aim of golf is to get the ball in the hole in the fewest shots, but to do this consistently a golfer must learn how to swing the golf club in a synchronized way with the body. So the first part to achieve this objective is understanding the golf setup and learning how to aim towards the target every time.

With the use of a Golf Alignment stick on the driving range, a golfer will find that the correct aim will become easier to get into, and the chances of swing faults creeping in dramatically diminish.

Do Golf Alignment Sticks come in a range of colours?

Yes, golf alignment sticks come in various colours, which can help golfers improve their alignment and swing plane. The most common colours for golf alignment sticks are orange, green, and yellow. These colours are bright and easily visible on the course, making it easier for golfers to align themselves correctly. Some golfers may also prefer to use alignment sticks in their favourite colours or to match their golf bags or other equipment.


There are many Golf Alignment Sticks to choose from, and they all serve the same purpose of helping a golfer get in the correct setup position. If the feet are aimed correctly, it means the hips and shoulders have a much greater chance to be aimed correctly, which helps with helping get the golfer on the desired swing plane.

The golf swing is an athletic movement, and ensuring the correct aim will help a golfer achieve more consistency on the golf course.

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