How to Stop Slicing a Golf Ball

How to Stop Slicing a Golf Ball

How is it when you are playing golf and hitting the ball ok, and then one Golf Slice Shot creeps in, the ball goes way right, and either out of bounds or in the woods.

Stuff like this is soul-destroying and makes a golfer wonder why they ever teed it up in the first place.

How can a slicing golf ball completely ruin somebodies golf round?

How to Stop Slicing a Golf Ball can seem complicated because there are so many quick fixes out there and most golfers get a lot of pointers from playing partners who have well-meaning advice. This advice is generally the way they do things, and most of these players have typically ingrained some bad habits that end up feeling like they work.

In order to stop slicing the golf ball, some of the real basics need to be considered first, and they include the correct golf grip and golf setup.

To correct a golf slice the golf ball, a golfer needs good fundamentals and needs to learn how to swing the golf club in a synchronized way with the body with the correct amount of pressure.

There are some quick band aid fixes out there that may help fix a golf slice which involve swinging the club on a different path and aiming a little differently.

Howe to Not Slice a Golf Ball

Golf Swing Path

A Golf Slice Shot is caused by an outside-in swing path and not swinging the golf club in sequence with the body. A range of things can cause this, but usually starts with an incorrect golf setup to the golf ball and the Golf Swing then goes on in a sequence in which a golfer needs to make compensations. 

If you are asking Why do Golf Balls Slice? This is a combination of an outside-inside golf swing path and the golf club face being open to the target at impact.

Long Term Golf Slice Fix

Now the long term fix to become more consistent and cure a golf slice is to work on some of the critical fundamentals and make sure that your body can swing the golf club in a synchronized way with the Golf Club.

Unfortunately, this includes practice and the right golf coaching and guidance, which can be challenging to find.

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Short Term Ways of Fixing a Golf Slice

If you are currently struggling with golf shot and want some quick fixes, some can work in the short term, but don’t fix the original cause.


A quick change of golf grip can help reduce a slice although this is not recommended for more consistent golf.

Move your grip into a stronger position by rotating the left hand and the right hand more towards the right until you can see three knuckles on the left hand from the address position.

This moves the grip into a stronger position and encourages the hands to close the clubface easier.

Although this can help stop a golf slice and promote a hook, changing the golf grip will initially feel uncomfortable, and consistency from a stronger grip position is hard to achieve.

Try it out on the driving range if you are struggling, but the best way to cure a golf slice is to hit the golf club in sequence with the body and reduce the severity of outside-in swing path.

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Alignment and Swing Path

Golfers that slice may tend to aim left for a right-hander because they know the ball will banana back in play which is all they have at the moment. They will forever be asking themselves, How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight with this method.

How about we overcorrect this and hit some shots with our left foot forward and right foot back (basically aim way right)

From this position it is impossible to cut across the ball and hit the golf ball with an outside-in swing path. This can almost instantly cure a slice because the leading cause of a slice is a poor swing path.

Hitting the ball on an inside-out path is needed to hit a draw. This can cure a slice, but does encourage the hands to flip over too much at impact, which ends up resulting in inconsistency. This is the quickest way to ingrain the feeling of How to Stop Slicing a Golf Drive.

Anti-Slice Golf Balls

There are several golf balls that claim that they will help get rid of a golf slice, and based on the massive amounts of testing that some of these companies implement an anti-slice golf ball can help.

The only thing to remember is that if you do hit a golf club with an outside-inside swing path and an open clubface it has only one way to go and that is right of the target with sidespin.

Some of the better golf balls to consider are the two-piece golf balls with a slightly firmer cover which will not spin as much as some of the three-piece balls with a urethane cover.

Srixon Q Star Golf Ball

Two recommendation would be the very popular Srixon Q Star Golf Ball which is designed to reduce driver spin. This will help reduce the amount of side spin that is imparted on the golf ball from poor technique.

Another good option is the Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball which is a low compression golf ball with a softer core. This will help reduce the amount of side-spin and be more forgiving for golfers that impart sidespin on the ball.

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So there are several ways to stop slicing the golf ball, but the best way is the long term improvement option and learning how to swing a golf club in a synchronized way with the body. This is an will always be the answer to How to Hit the Golf Ball Further and How to Correct a Golf Slice.

Although some quick fixes may help in the short term, they are only a band aid fix that doesn’t fix the route cause of the problem and don’t really answer the question of How to Stop a Slice in Golf.

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Have a look at the video below where Top Golf Coach Butch Harmon and Touring Professional Rickie Fowler talk about some of their theories and tips on how they would help a golfer cure a golf slice.

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