Sky Caddie SX 550, Golf GPS Review

Introducing the SkyCaddie SX550 Golf GPS – your ultimate companion on the green! Boasting a brilliant High Definition 5.5” touchscreen, this handheld device takes your golf game to the next level.

As someone with hands-on experience in selling this game-changing gadget, I can confidently say that the SkyCaddie SX550 is not just a GPS; it’s your secret weapon for mastering the golf course. Picture this: you’re on the fairway, contemplating your next move. With a quick glance at the SX550, you effortlessly calculate the precise distance between your ball and the target. It’s like having a caddy in your pocket, always ready to guide you to victory.

What sets the SkyCaddie SX550 apart is its intuitive design and accuracy. The 5.5” touchscreen ensures easy navigation, putting the power to enhance your game literally at your fingertips. No more guesswork – just pure, unadulterated confidence in every swing.

Having personally sold the SkyCaddie SX550, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformation it brings to golfers’ experiences. It’s not just a device; it’s a game-changer. Elevate your golfing journey with the SkyCaddie SX550 – where precision meets passion. Your best game awaits.

Perhaps you are a little more old school and prefer to use distance markers on the course.  This, unfortunately takes more time and also has an impact on the slower play during a golf round.

Or do you enjoy Embracing some of the newer technology that can help your game and make it easy whilst out on the golf course?

SkyCaddie is a well-established brand known for its range of GPS devices designed specifically for golf. These devices provide golfers with accurate and detailed information about golf courses to assist in shot planning, club selection, and overall course management.

Is it worth using a Golf Gps on the Golf Course?

A good Golf GPS will help determine yardages out on the golf course, which also helps with club selection. Some Golf GPS Devices also give distances to hazards and allow golfers to add in their scores and statistics.

The Sky Caddie range of Golf GPS devices are some of the best out there, and the Sky Caddie SX 550 is jam-packed with top quality features for golfers of all levels.

A handheld golf GPS Device is worth investing in if you like your golf and like to better yourself.

Both amateurs and professionals can benefit from the use of a golf gps out on the golf course.

For more information on a Golf GPS, check out the post on What is a Golf GPS.

Who should use the Sky Caddie SX 550 Golf GPS?

Golfers of any ability level can use this Golf GPS. The amount of features makes it an attractive option for more accomplished players, whilst the scorecard feature and distances are ideal for golfers of all levels.

SkyCaddie devices strive to offer high-precision distance measurements, enabling golfers to accurately gauge the distances to specific targets. This helps golfers make more informed decisions and select the appropriate clubs for each shot.

What are the Features of the Sky Caddie SX 550?

Dynamic HoleVue

No, that’s not a typo. That’s how they are spelling view on this device.

Dynamic Holevue allows golfers to see the entire hole from their point of view. This helps with seeing distances to hazards and the exact distance to the centre of the golf green.

Dynamic Rangeview also allows golfers to input how far they hit each club, so the best club option also comes up on Dynamic Holevue. This saves time and helps with club selection.

SkyCaddie devices often display information about hazards on the golf course, including bunkers, water hazards, and other obstacles. This knowledge allows golfers to plan their shots more effectively, avoiding potential trouble areas.

Sky Caddie SX 550 Golf GPS

Shot Tracking

A golfer can activate shot tracking on the Sky Caddie SX 550 Golf GPS Device. This makes it easy for golfers to identify strengths and weaknesses throughout golf rounds and helps identify which areas of the game may need improvement.

Digital Scoring/Stat Tracking

Track your round or friends round with the digital scoring feature, which also includes a feature to track all the important stats.

Statistics help provide information on where a player may need improvement.

Ground Verified Course Maps

The Sky Caddie SX 550 has over 35000 golf courses preloaded and is ready to go via GPS when a golfer arrives at the golf course.

SkyCaddie devices come preloaded with extensive course databases, offering information on thousands of golf courses worldwide. These databases include precise course maps, providing distances to key points on the course such as greens, hazards, bunkers, and layup positions.

Powerful and Water Resistant

The SkyCaddie SX550 has a slim feel with a highly water-resistant design. With a large battery, the SX550 is ready for extended playing time for that emergency 9, or even 18 more holes. Using multi-constellation navigation satellite systems, the SkyCaddie SX550 provides enhanced accuracy and overall better performance under challenging conditions or tree cover.

Visually Appealing

This is one of the most significant and most visually appealing Golf GPS Devices on the market. So easy to use and navigate, it makes for an enjoyable game of golf.

Why is the Sky Caddie SX 550 a good option?

The features of a golf GPS device range from basic yardage information to digital scorecards and launch monitor features.

It depends on what you are looking to achieve with your golf.

Simple details such as the distance to the front middle and back of the green will not require deep pockets, however, basic information will not paint the whole picture of what lies between your ball in the target.

A step up from the entry-level option of devices that deliver yardage to dog leg hazards and various points on the green, these golf GPS constructions generally include a digital scorecard that provides a convenient approach to keeping track of your group score throughout the round.


The majority of amateur golfers will be delighted with the distance reading around the vicinity of the flagstick as we intend to keep it in play and not attack the pin. As a result, a GPS is well suited to our needs as it provides yardage to the front middle and back of the green as well as dog legs and hazards. However, if you want an exact measurement of the pin or a specific target on the hole It would be suggested to look at the laser rangefinder products which will offer more detailed yardage calculations.

Preloaded courses most golf GPS products require data on golf courses to be promoted before you can take it out and use it on the links therefore, before you purchase a golf GPS make sure that it works on your home course or the track you play the most.

Shot measurement for those of you who like to analyse your performance on the course may want your GPS to contain shot measurement functionality. This feature will measure the distance of your last shot to help you keep track of how far you are hitting each club in your bag.

This Golf GPS Device product is available as a clip-on device that you can attach to a wrist bracelet or belt buckle or your golf bag.

If your home course features numerous blind greens, it is worth acquiring a GPS with a green view feature. This displays the shape of the green, which helps you aim to send your shot in the right direction.

The SX550 not only measures the distance to your desired target on the fairway or green, it also gives you the yardage to water hazards bunkers and doglegs.

This is one of the best Golf GPS Devices on the market.

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