What is a Golf GPS?

Technology is growing in the game of golf, and new and innovative gadgets are being invented on a regular occurrence.

Gone are the days where amateur golfers would have to guess yardages by pacing out the steps themselves. This would take up a lot of time, especially as they don’t have caddies.

Pacing out yardages and figuring out the distances on a golf course is still a regular thing for caddies on the PGA Tour. A good caddie will help a professional golfer become more successful and have a greater chance of winning consistent money.

What if an amateur golfer could have their own caddie?

What is a Golf GPS?

A Golf GPS is a personal caddie, if you will.

It is a handheld golf gps or wearable device that connects to a Global Positioning System (GPS) and helps golfers determine their distance to a designated target.

A Golf GPS is a small device similar to a smartphone’s size, and they also come in a watch form.

Golf GPS devices come with pre-loaded course maps for thousands of golf courses worldwide. These maps display the layout of the course, including the locations of hazards, bunkers, and doglegs. Golfers can view the entire hole and plan their shots accordingly.

Almost every golf course worldwide has been mapped out, and most devices will pick up which golf course the user is closest to within seconds.

It helps golfers determine distances to various points on the course, such as the front, middle, and back of the greens, hazards, fairway bunkers, and layup points.

Garmin G8 Golf GPS

What Does a Golf GPS Do?

The Top-rated Golf GPS will measure the exact distance in yards or metres that a golfer is to the golf green centre. This will come in very handy when selecting a golf club on approach to the green.

Some advanced Golf GPS devices offer additional features such as shot tracking, scorekeeping, statistics tracking, and course management tools. These features can help golfers improve their game by providing insights into their performance and helping them make more informed decisions on the course.

Some of the best handheld Golf GPS Devices will also include distances to the hazards. These include the bunker, lakes and doglegs. Knowing this information is handy and will help a golfer gain confidence and figure out what club to use.

Top Rated Golf GPS Units also have a swing training feature and allow golfers to track their statistics for each round.

What is the Best Golf GPS?

The best rated golf GPS is a tough one because there are now so many great ones to choose from since the first lot hit the market 10+ years ago. The first GPS Devices did not have a GPS Feature, and golf courses needed to be mapped out manually, which took a long time.

Some of the Top Rated Golf GPS Devices include the ones from Garmin golf, but there are many other top GPS Golf Devices on the market.

Here is a link to a couple of the better Garmin Golf GPS Devices.

Garmin G10 Review

Garmin G8 Review

Garmin S60 Golf Watch

When Should I buy a Golf GPS?

If you are new to the game of golf, getting familiar with some of the game’s basics would be an excellent place to start. Once a golfer is confident they can strike the ball more consistently, they may want to purchase a golf GPS. When a player can begin shooting scores of around 100 or less, it may be time to invest in a cheap Golf GPS Device.

If you have a golf handicap and regularly shoot less than 100 on a golf course, it is time to invest in a golf GPS. The yardages will help, but as mentioned earlier, some of them have a swing training feature and allow the player to track their stats.

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Golf is a challenging game but can be made easier if a player doesn’t listen to everybody’s advice and sticks to a plan.

Players new to the game should invest in some form of coaching and set goals based on how much time they can practice or play.

Golf GPS devices are valuable tools for golfers of all skill levels, helping them navigate the course, choose the right club, and improve their overall performance.

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