Garmin S60 Golf Watch – Buying Guide

In recent years, technology has undergone remarkable advancements, and the groundbreaking Garmin S60 Golf Watch epitomizes this progress, revolutionizing the golfing experience.

Transforming a mere golf GPS watch into a personalized caddy, the Garmin Approach S60 Golf Watch is a game-changer for golfers of all skill levels. With a comprehensive array of features, this state-of-the-art Golf GPS Watch stands out as one of the most exceptional options available in the market.

For those engaged in the world of golf and seeking an insightful buying guide that delves into the sophisticated features and benefits of a top-tier Golf GPS Watch, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination. Allow me to leverage my extensive experience to guide you through the intricacies of selecting the ideal device to elevate your golfing pursuits.

Garmin S60 Golf Watch


Garmin Colour Touchscreen

The Large 1.2-inch sunlight readable colour touchscreen makes for ease of use and visibility. You control what you want to see and do with the watch.

Hazards and Greens are very distinctive and a golfer can pinpoint exactly where they want the ball to land. This really helps lots with club selection on all those golf courses with a heap of doglegs.

Garmin Quickfit Bands

Change the style of band you would prefer without having to use any tools. Just clip it in using the Quickfit feature. The Garmin S60 Golf watch can also be used just as a watch so choices of which band to use are always welcoming. A range of colours are available but are all sold separately.

Garmin S60 Golf Watch

Garmin Pre-Loaded Courses

The S60 comes preloaded with thousands of golf course maps worldwide, allowing golfers to easily view hole layouts, hazards, and accurate distances to greens, fairways, and hazards. It uses GPS technology to provide precise yardages to help golfers plan their shots more effectively.

Over 41,000 golf courses pre-loaded for your convenience on this Garmin GPS Watch. Automatic downloads of golf course updates are made available on all the golf courses a golfer may play regularly via the Garmin Connect App.

Garmin Long Battery Life

10 hours battery life in GPS mode and up to 10 days in normal watch mode. Any device that uses GPS Satellites will always take up a lot of battery power. Just make sure the Garmin Golf Watch is all charged up before a weekend golf outing.

Accurate Yardages

Get precise yardages to both the green and all those hazards out on the golf course. This is handy for when golfers need to carry the golf ball over a lake or a bunker. Club selection is made a lot easier for golfers of all levels on the all Garmin GPS Watches.

Garmin S60 Golf Watch

Garmin Playslike Distance and Touch Targeting

Uphill or downhill lies will be taken into consideration, and accurate estimations will be made based on elevation change. If a golfer faces an elevated green, the GPS golf watch will take into account the elevation change and make a more accurate yardage.

Touch Targeting is a very innovative feature and lets a golfer pick precisely where they want to land the golf ball. A yardage will then be displayed to help golfers of all abilities with club selection.

Garmin Score and Stats Tracking

Track your buddies scores and all your stats using the very innovative scoring feature. Golfers can also track their fairway, greens and putt stats. These numbers pair with the Garmin Connect App and can be tracked after Garmin GPS Golf Watch has been synced.

Garmin Smart Notifications and Personal touch

If you don’t mind being bothered out on the golf course then notifications via your smartphone can be sent directly to your watch. These include calls texts and emails. Your own personal home watch face picture can also be created using the face it app.

Garmin Activity Tracking Features

A range of fitness features are also included on what is considered the best Garmin GPS Watch.

The step counter will show a golfer exactly how many steps they have covered whilst the watch is on. The move bar will let you know when you need to start moving. The watch also learns your daily activity level and will assign a step goal for you each day. Calories burned, distance traveled and sleep monitoring are also included.

Garmin Know your Swing

The Garmin Approach S60 Golf Watch is also compatible with the Garmin TruSwing. Tempo training is also built into the golf watch to help achieve the correct rhythm and tempo out on the golf course.

The S60 can track and analyze your swing metrics, including swing tempo, speed, and path. This feature helps golfers identify areas for improvement and refine their swing technique.


This Golf watch certainly is one of the most sophisticated golf watch GPS devices out on the Golf Market.

With a choice of customizable leather or silicone straps, the golf watch is also very fashionable. A range of features makes this watch one of the best to help golfers of all levels lower that all important handicap.

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If you have any questions feel free to ask them below.

Here is a video with some of the basic functions of the Golf GPS Watch.

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10 thoughts on “Garmin S60 Golf Watch – Buying Guide”

  1. Hi, I was just looking through your website, I have been looking into getting into golf for sometime now but there are so many choices of sets out there, i just don’t know which to opt for being a novice of the sport. Could you recommend a good start set of a clubs please?

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Jamie

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Yes, there are many sets to choose from and all the subtle differences between them all can get quite confusing. At the end of the day they are all golf clubs and generally serve one purpose. Check out my post on Best Golf Clubs for Beginners to find out some more information and see some good golf set options for beginners.



  2. Hi, Chris. The fact that the golf watch you reviewed in your article features the name “Garmin” says all that one would need to know about the high quality of the product.

    As I am into bicycling I am well aware that Garmin features sophisticated watches that really allow a cyclist to get the most out of his/her workouts in that sport.

    The Garmin product certainly provides the individual wearing it while out on the course with incredible information to help him/her get the best possible score out of his/her round.

    It is mind blowing to think of the sophistication of watches today in the year 2017 versus what was not available even 10 – 12 years ago.

    The fact that the golf watch has over 41,000 pre-loaded courses into its system, can tell the golfer standing in the middle of a fairway some 250 yards from the green the exact distance, elevation, and contours near the hole are without question positive factors in aiding him/her to “go low” with his/her round.

    While the amateur golfer still would not be able to hit the ball as well as a Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson or Inbee Park as the watch would not help the individual with his/her swing technique, without question it would help with navigating around the course.

    Finally, clicking on the link to see the price at Amazon for this sophisticated golf watch, it pretty much is on par with what the best Garmin bicycling watch would cost. Not cheap, but well worth it to the serious golfer!


    • Hi Jeff

      I appreciate your comments.

      I actually use one of the forerunner Garmin Watches for training, and find it really helpful to keep me motivated. It tracks a lot of information in regards to fitness and partners really well with the Garmin Connect App.

      The Garmin S60 Golf Watch is the latest and greatest in GPS Golf Watch Technology. Loaded with features, it can help any golfer achieve their goals out on the golf course. I like to track my stats and go through them after a golf round using the Garmin Connect App.

      Definitely worth considering if you are a keen golfer.



  3. Now I can actually try golf out. I always hated guessing everywhere I go but this gadget is pretty cool. For Golf this will 100% help a lot of people to get around. Especially collecting data on tempo and rhythm which is very important to have a good swing and perfect angle. Can you download other features for the watch? I never knew I can be so interested in golf until now. Thanks!

    • Hi Jonathan

      The Garmin S60 Golf Watch definitely can make the game of golf a lot easier for most golfers. The watch can be synced to the Garmin Connect App after each and every round and stats can be tracked easily.

      A watch worth considering for any keen golfer.



  4. Hi!
    This looks like a great addition to my golf game. I’ve tried out several GPS apps on my phone and using my phone always seems a little clunky fighting the glare on the screen or hoping that the battery doesn’t die mid-round.

    Do you like using GPS devices like this watch during your round or using the laser distance finders while playing better?

    • Hi Chris

      I appreciate your comments.

      Yes, the Garmin S60 Golf Watch is a fantastic device with all the features to make your time out on the golf course both more enjoyable and easier. It is an upgrade from the very popular S6 model and has been a popular model since its release.

      I myself have both a GPS device and a Rangefinder. The Rangefinder I use isBushnell Golf Rangefinders, Pro X2. A GPS is handy when I get a bit Wayward off the tee and distances are difficult to scope with a Rangefinder. Both devices are handy and don’t really prefer one over the other.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  5. This watch looks amazing. I am thinking of getting the white one for my husband’s birthday. He does a lot of golfing and I think he’d specifically appreciate the easy GPS so he doesn’t have to carry one. Do you know if the GPS option or the smartphone notifications require any sort of service subscription, or is it all built in and ready to use? Thanks!

    • Hi Sunny

      The Garmin S60 Golf Watch would be a great option for all those keen golfers out there.

      No service subscription is needed as the device is preloaded with a heap of different golf courses from all over the world. The Garmin Connect App can be used for firmware updates and to check golf progress in terms of scores and stats.

      Thanks for stopping by.




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