What is a Pitch Mark Repairer?

What is a Pitch Mark Repairer?

If you are new to golf and have wondered why golfers get a small metal or plastic item out of their pockets to repair a small indent on the golf green, you may wonder, What is a Pitch Mark Repairer?

Golfers need to repair their pitch marks, so golfers in the same group and groups behind don’t get a disadvantage from a mark being in the way on their putting line.

What is a Pitch Mark?

A pitch mark is that tiny indentation in the green, caused when your ball lands on the green on the full.

A ball divot hurts more than just your golf game. It can also damage the course’s well-manicured green.

Bringing a quality Pitch Mark Repairer to back up your golf bag is the best way to fix those mistakes and ensure nothing but the best for future plays.

A Pitch Mark is created when a golf ball lands on the Golf Green on the full and leaves a small indent on the green, known as a Pitch Mark.

What is a Pitch Mark Repairer?

Pitch Mark Repairers are small items used to fix ball marks on the green. It is essential to repair the pitch mark made by your golf ball to avoid further damage to the turf on the green.

A pitch mark repairer is always the best option to repair a pitch mark, but a golf tee can also do the same job.

Some Pitch Mark repairers have a double-sided head and a ball marker compartment with magnetic closure.

This small item that helps you repair the deep indentations (punch marks) made by golfers full shots on greens.

These marks damage the surface of the green, resulting in an uneven putting surface. So use a pitch mark repairer to help out at the edge of the green and repair the hole before moving on to your next stroke.

What is a Pitch Mark Repairer?

A Pitch Mark Repairer, or divot repair tool, is a short two- (or three-) pronged fork used in golf to repair the small indentations made where the golf ball has landed.

These marks are made in the closely mown areas of the green, the fairway and occasionally in the semi-rough and rough.

Who Makes the Pitch Marks on the Green?

A golf pitch mark can be made by a golfer of any level on the golf green.

Golfers that are more consistent and skilful will tend to make more pitch marks than high handicap players simply because they are more consistent ball strikers.

In a perfect world, golfers should never have to see or look at a pitch mark on a golf course, but sometimes golfers neglect or forget to repair their pitch marks on the green.

This can happen at both Private, Resort, or Public Golf courses, and golfers will see signs at golf courses or on the scorecard indicating that pitch marks should be repaired at all times.

Why Do I Need to Repair My Pitch Mark?

Golfers need to repair their pitch marks for their playing partners, fellow golfers on the course, golf course etiquette, and the overall golf course maintenance.

There is nothing more frustrating for more experienced golfers than to see a stack of pitch marks on the golf green that they will be putting on.

Another reason is that it can help reduce slow play on the golf course.

If other golfers are consistently repairing the pitch marks on the green left by golfers before them, it will significantly impact the time it takes to play the game.

Repairing Pitch Marks is also a part of the game’s etiquette and traditions, and everybody who plays the game should carry with them a pitch mark repairer.

Where Can I Buy a Pitch Mark Repairer?

A Golf Pitch Mark Repairer can be purchased wherever you play golf, and the many various golf shops that are around.

Many of the top quality Golf Resorts will have pitch mark repairers available for free as a courtesy and souvenir at the golf course that a player intends to play.

Online Golf Stores and the many Golf Retail Outlets will also sell Golf Pitch Mark Repairers, also known as pitchforks.

What is the Best Type of Pitch Mark Repairer?

The Best Type of Pitch Mark repairers are the metal ones with two forks. These are more durable than the many plastic ones available and more user-friendly than those with just one fork.

A metal pitchfork will last a long time, and there are many to choose from.


Golfers need to repair their pitch marks and also repair them properly.

A pitch mark that is not repaired correctly can cost a fellow golfer their chance for a miraculous shot or a chip in, especially off the green.

Repair those nasty pitch marks on the green with a quality pitch mark repairer.

The blade design allows you to repair your ball mark while causing minimal damage to the grass. Each pitch mark repairer can restore up to 10,000 golf ball divots.

A pitch mark repairer is a plastic or metal tool used to repair pitch marks (also known as ball marks).

Pitch marks are created by the impact of the ball when it hits the putting surface. These scattered grasses create an unsightly disruption of the putting surface and can cause uneven rolls.

Using a pitch mark repairer is a simple way to keep your favourite course in great shape!

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